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Which Bing Chat Mode Should I Use?

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A few weeks ago Microsoft added three tones or response modes to the Bing Chat feature. Balanced, creative and precise. Yesterday, Bing CEO Mikhail Parakhin explained the thinking behind Microsoft Bing’s use of each Bing chat mode.

He said twitter Microsoft’s “current thoughts on Bing chat mode.” He said:

  • balanced: Best for most common tasks like search, max speed, etc.
  • creative: longer output, more expressive, slower whenever new content needs to be generated
  • correct: Most factual and least guesswork

These descriptions are slightly different than what Microsoft lists on the Bing Chat screen. Currently:

  • balanced: Responses are reasonable and coherent, balancing accuracy and creativity in conversation.
  • creative: Responses are original and imaginative, creating surprise and fun
  • correct: Answers should be factual, concise, and prioritize accuracy and relevance.

So if you want the fastest response, use balanced mode.

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