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Twitter launches new ‘non-skippable’ video marketing series

Twitter has launched a new educational series called ‘Unskippable’. The series consists of his eight parts focused on video marketing and creating video promotions that stand out on your Twitter feed.

This series is part of Twitter’s free educational platform called “Flight School” and provides insight into key advertising best practices on Twitter. Twitter’s creative team helps advertisers create thousands of the best-performing ads on the platform each year, and offers tips and advice in this series. About 70% of Twitter’s top advertisers have stopped or reduced their spending on Twitter, so it might be a good time to test Twitter Ads and take advantage of new opportunities to get your promotions seen.

what you learn. The purpose of this series is to provide a practical overview of all the essential elements needed to create an engaging video clip. Designed by creatives, for creatives, it not only teaches best practices, but also provides insight on how to implement them creatively. Each video is about 2 minutes long and easy to watch.

core. We’ve broken down each video into its main points. Here’s what they said.

Video 1: Get noticed. This video was an introduction to the series. The moderators discussed what attention is and how advertisers and creators can capture attention through video. The host says that by providing location and context in each video, brands can see longer viewing times, better engagement, and “good his KPIs.”

Video 2: Proper video size. Optimal video size on Twitter. The speaker claims that there is practically no difference between 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios. How you use the space makes a huge difference in performance. Avoid black bars or letterbox content. What’s the big point? “Impact is not given, it is earned.”

Video 3: Proper video length. Think about how you want your audience to spend time on a piece of content and how you can make that time as valuable as possible. Convey your brand’s key message and keep your audience moving forward.

Video 4: Proper video layout. Where you place your video elements can have a big impact on performance. There are three different locations that represent the primary locations where information resides.

  • upper left
  • upper right
  • bottom center

Think of an envelope with a return address, a mailing address, and a postage stamp.

Video 5: Creating Engagements. “Depth” is a key factor in creating content that people want to engage with. By creating content with depth, you naturally trigger the human brain to engage and interact with it. Creating content with depth can inspire people to action.

Video 6: Provides practicality and clarity. By providing utility, you can give your audience a reason to interact. Answer the question, “What is the value of an engagement, click, or install?” Clarity means simplifying your value proposition so that your audience gets a very clear message.

Video 7: Copy and caption pairing. In this video, I’ve explained three rules for making a big difference in your Tweet copy.

  • keep it simple
  • Be additive, not disjointed or redundant
  • Use hashtags (only one)

Adding captions increased viewership by about 30%, so add captions when you can and get creative.

Video 8: Breaking the 4th Wall. Speak directly to your audience and break down the walls between brands and fans. Capture your audience’s attention quickly through feed breaks, breaking the 4th wall, talking directly to your audience, and more.

Using these tactics can boost metrics such as:

  • total play time
  • brand awareness
  • Message association

What Twitter says.

“It’s always helpful to receive a list of best practices, but turning a do’s and don’ts list into a performant video can be difficult. If implemented in a single ad without a single ad, the content can be watered down and lose its entertainment value and creative spark. It doesn’t just teach you what practices are, it teaches you how to use them to think about and approach your next piece of content.”

Dig deeper. you can access the video here.

why you care. Video has become the dominant format in the world of digital marketing and its importance continues to grow. Advertisers need to stay informed about best practices and strategies to make their video content stand out and resonate with their target audience.

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