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This Day in the History of Search Marketing: March 18th

New emergency help attribute on Google Business Profile for Ukraine Support

2022: Google also added a hotel attribute to define whether the hotel provides assistance to refugees from Ukraine.

Brands, especially restaurants, urgently need FAQs and “corona pages”

2020: It was important that the precautions being taken were found in the search results.

Video: Martha Van Berkel talks structured data

2020: Will adding a schema improve my search rankings? Google said no, but…

Google on March 2019 Core Update: This is not the biggest update Google has released

2019: Related: Google March 2019 Core Update Early Data Shows Interesting Patterns

Google Ads now makes recommendations for report columns

2019: With this update, bid strategy type is no longer a required column.

Waze overcomes the ‘digital dark zone’ with ad coordination inside and outside the car

2019: McDonald’s campaign showed drivers in-car advertising that mirrored billboards.

Google Image Search Releases Color Filter Button

2016: After testing different combinations, Google added new filter buttons to image search results.

Bing Ads to test social extensions: link search ads to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr

2016: Ad extension was in beta in the US

Bing Partners with US National Park Service for #FindYourPark Photo Contest

2016: The winning photo will be featured on Bing’s homepage for National Parks Week and will be used as Bing’s Facebook and Twitter cover photos in April.

Search by photo: Google Analytics and NASA, Google Buffalo, Fiber Office

2016: Latest images of what people eat, how they play, who they meet, where they talk, what toys they have, and more at the search engine company.

Yahoo loses market share as some Firefox users return to Google

2015: Google was becoming increasingly aggressive in trying to keep users back.

EU antitrust chief says settlement with Google essentially complete

2014: Amid criticism from politicians and Google’s critics, EU antitrust director Joaquín Almunia said, in essence, Google’s proposed antitrust settlement was a deal done.

Bing Ads will start allowing keyword variations once they are flagged as duplicates

2014: Advertisers can now include multiple versions of keywords using the Bing Ads Editor and Bing Ads Upload API.

Yandex buys Israeli location platform KitLocate

2014: A key advantage of KitLocate was that it provided location information to the app without using a lot of power, unlike GPS and triangulation, which can drain mobile batteries.

GetListed tool restarts as Moz Local

2014: Agents and business owners can use this tool to research where listings appear online, manage claims and verifications, and submit listings.

Dilbert on Search Engine Keyword Research

2014: There was a fun search marketing related Dilbert strip on the topic of doing keyword research and presenting it to your boss.

Google penalized one article on the BBC website

2013: John Mueller of Google: “We found unnatural links to individual articles and took detailed action based on them.”

Bing Webmaster Tools Add Site Move Tool

2013: This tool allows you to navigate from one domain to another or from within your site. URL to URL.

Google goes beyond answers and starts speculating on release date

2011: Google added one box, even if the answer to your search was only “best guess”.

Yahoo’s AllTheWeb will redirect to Yahoo Search on April 4th

2011: AllTheWeb, one of the search engines acquired by Yahoo in 2003 to help build Yahoo Search, will be discontinued on April 4, 2011.

SEOs held accountable and fined for counterfeiting cases

2011: A website builder and SEO firm has been found guilty in federal court for enabling the sale of counterfeit goods.

Search by photo: YouTube socks, Yahoo bowlers, Bing armbands

2011: Latest images of what people are eating, how they are playing, who they are meeting, where they are talking, what toys they have, etc. at a search engine company.

Google tests ‘sponsored map icon’

2010: The Sponsored Maps icon was a new way to promote your business within Google Maps.

Google helps web users avoid analytics tracking

2010: The company says it plans to soon allow web users to opt out of being tracked by the popular Google Analytics software.

Google and Viacom Courts File Documents. Google says Viacom ‘secretly’ uploaded video

2010: YouTube’s lead attorney accused Viacom of “continuously and covertly” posting content on YouTube and “deliberately” making the material look amateurish.

Google Updated Maps for Mobile for Android

2010: Updated interface and some feature changes to improve usability.

Google’s Matt Cutts on Keywords in URLs

2009: Cutts answers: “Does the position of the keyword in the URL affect ranking?”

Twitter search: Tweeting bad things won’t make you friends

2009: Be careful what you say in public and use social media tools to help you instead of hurting you.

Financial Times Launches Newssift, Business News Search Engine

2009: Newssift was intended to bring context and meaning that its creators said were missing from traditional keyword-based business news search engines.

Google Maps allows anyone to edit

2008: Users can now edit business and location details and add new businesses without being the business owner.

Yahoo expects to double cash flow in three years, reaffirms 2008 outlook

2008: Yahoo expects to double operating cash flow from $1.9 billion to $3.7 billion in three years.

Search Business: Alibaba Wins, Google Loses, Eric Schmidt Says Don’t Call Me Daddy Anymore

2008: China’s, in which Yahoo held a significant minority stake, saw a massive 340% increase in net profit, linked to China’s booming economy.

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