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Microsoft may replace Bing Search answers with Bing Chat answers

Bing may replace the standard answers that appear at the top of Bing search results with Bing Chat answers. Mikhail Parakhin, who heads Bing Search and Bing Chat, said that Bing Search’s current response “uses outdated technology and crowdsourcing” and Bing Chat’s response is that Bing will “replace them as soon as possible.” says. twitter […]

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Will AI-generated content replace cheap, outdated content farms?

Today at The Verge, Inside CNET’s AI-Powered SEO Money MachineWe’ve covered many of the reactions to BankRate reported in Google searches over the past week, and more brands are using AI to create their content. It also details how machines can be used instead of low-cost humans to generate low-quality content designed to rank higher […]

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12 GA4 Expectations to Replace Universal Analytics

Much has been said and written about Google Analytics 4 (GA4), but one overlooked message concerns expectations. Marketers accustomed to the classic Google Analytics Universal Platform over the past decade will need to adjust. Life is easier for them if the right expectations are set. I recently had the opportunity to discuss this with three […]

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EA begins rolling out a new PC app to replace Origin

It’s been two years since Origin announced it was working for the PC client, and now it’s starting to roll out the new app to Windows users. publisher He said the EA app, which has just completed the open beta phase, is the fastest and lightest PC client to date. EA promises a streamlined design […]

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iPhone 15 ‘Ultra’ could replace next year’s Pro Max

Next year’s iPhone may bring a change to Apple’s naming convention. By Bloomberg , the company might name its biggest and most expensive device in 2023 as the iPhone 15 Ultra instead of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, as you might expect given its recent performance. This change will reportedly coincide with the most significant […]

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VW’s latest concept is a self-propelled travel pod that can replace short flights.

Many automakers dream of self-driving cars that are effectively on wheels, but VW is taking things a step further. The brand has open A Gen.Travel “design study” EV that he hopes can replace short flights. The four-person travel pod will be fully autonomous (i.e. SAE Level 5) and will revolve around a modular interior that […]

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Always try to replace HTTP links with HTTPS

John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, says that you should always try to replace internal links pointing to HTTP URLs with newer HTTP versions. This is stated in a Reddit thread asking if it’s worth the effort to replace internal HTTP links with HTTPS versions, even if redirects already exist. A few years ago, Google’s Gary […]

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FCC needs additional $3 billion to help US carriers replace Huawei and ZTE equipment

Removing Chinese equipment from American wireless networks will cost more than anticipated. On Friday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel told Congress that the agency needed an additional $3 billion to reimburse carriers that “ripped and replaced” Huawei and ZTE infrastructures. . In 2020, former President Donald Trump mandated that US telecoms replace “suspicious foreign […]