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Google AdsBot Mobile Web Android User Agent Update

Google has updated the user agent for the AdsBot Mobile Web Android crawler. If you have hard-coded this bot for any purpose on your site, you will need to update your code. new user agent for AdsBot Mobile Web Android teeth: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 6.0.1; Nexus 5X Build/MMB29P) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML like Gecko) Chrome/WXYZ Mobile Safari/537.36 […]

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Google Mobile Search Knowledge Panels Are More Visual and Interactive

In July and October of last year, both mobile and desktop search featured Google Search’s interactive visual knowledge panels. This could be a new variation of that where Google takes an image of the person and overlays the relevant person and their height on this panel. This was discovered by Victor Valentine Romo and posted […]

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Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing Search Now Available on Mobile

Microsoft has announced that preview releases of its new Bing search engine and Edge web browser will go mobile with AI-powered chat. Since the company unveiled all-new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge a few weeks ago, more than 1 million people from 169 countries have joined the preview. Users have given positive feedback about the […]

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Google’s test search menu in the left sidebar of the mobile interface

A few months ago, Google left sidebar filter in the desktop search interface. Google does the same with mobile search, but now pushes search menu items, videos, images, maps, etc. into the left bar menu. Shalom Goodman spotted this change and posted screenshots and a videocast. twitterHere’s a video he made as a GIF: I […]

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Netflix subscribers will soon have access to mobile versions of the two Rogue Games games

Netflix is ​​adding two more versions to its excellent game library. The streaming giant announced on Monday that it had recently secured exclusive mobile rights. Dust and Neon And high water, two upcoming games from indie publisher Rogue Games. The first will arrive first when it launches on Android, iOS, PC, and Nintendo Switch on […]

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‘Ultimate Sackboy’ brings Sony’s LittleBigPlanet mascot to mobile

We’ve known for a while that Sony is planning to bring the PlayStation series to mobile platforms, but we were hoping for something with a unique hook. Instead, Sony, independent developer and publisher Exient (lemmings, planet 53) in a mobile game starring Sackboy from LittleBigPlanet. Ultimate Sackboy It is an autorun game for Android and […]

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The Morning After: Samsung’s latest mobile screen prototype slides and folds

It seems that Samsung is fed up with mobile screens that simply fold on themselves. At CES 2023 this week, the company revealed the Flex Hybrid OLED mobile display. It folds on one side and slides out on the other. This combination not only increases the size, but also changes the aspect ratio. starting a […]

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Samsung hires a former Mercedes-Benz designer to lead the mobile design team

Samsung’s mobile division has a new design chief. On Friday, the company Appointment of Hubert H. Lee to head the Mobile eXperience (MX) Design Team, the unit responsible for designing some of Samsung’s most visible products, including its flagship Galaxy S series phones. Lee joined the electronics giant after working as chief design officer for […]

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How to do a reverse image search (desktop and mobile)

What is reverse image search? Reverse image search is the act of searching the Internet for images rather than keywords. It helps reveal details about the image itself and its subject. like that: the original size of the image alternative size Other online appearances visually similar images Below is an example of a reverse image […]

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Crash Bandicoot mobile game goes to the grave early

Game developer King said it’s shutting down today Crash Bandicoot: On the Run. The Android and iOS version didn’t take long, as it was released in March 2021. King announced On the Facebook page (via Eurogamer) that on February 16, 2023 the game will shut down its servers and after that you will no longer […]

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Netflix subscribers can now play ‘Kentucky Route Zero’ and ‘Twelve Minutes’ on mobile

added two more titles to their (very good) stable mobile game: Kentucky Route Zero and 12 Minutes. These are the first Annapurna Interactive games to join the series. They are now available to all subscribers on iOS and Android. It’s been a while since Netflix said it would do it for the first time. and […]

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Google Tests New +Topic Search Bar Improvements on Desktop After Launching on Mobile

Earlier this week, Google announced that it began rolling out new Topic + Symbol refinement options in English/US for mobile search results. But Google seems to be testing them too. They are not fully visible in desktop search results. Glenn Gabe spotted this and posted a videocast. twitterThis can be recreated personally by logging into […]

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‘Deus Ex Go’ and other Square Enix mobile games are shutting down

In less than a few months, you will no longer have access Deus Ex GoThe turn-based puzzle game entry in the cyberpunk-dystopian series. Deus Ex Go It was developed by Square Enix Montreal, which was acquired by Swedish game company Embracer Group in May. While Embracer rebranded the studio to Onoma in October, there were […]

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‘Immortality’, the latest game from ‘Her Story’ creator Sam Barlow, comes to mobile

After last summer, latest project his story creator Sam Barlow is now available on Android and iOS via Netflix. Provided you subscribe to the streaming service, you can download the game at no additional cost and have one of the best experiences. . Like Barlow’s past projects, Immortality A love letter to the full-motion video […]

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Mobile Usability Mistakes Drop Rankings?

Google’s John Mueller responded to Reddit’s SEO discussion, where a medical website’s rankings plummeted shortly after its search console displayed mobile usability warnings. The timing of the drop in rankings shortly after the Search Console flagged a mobile usability issue appeared to be related to two events. After fixing the issue and verifying the fix […]

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Is Mobile Readiness a Google Ranking Factor?

Is mobile that important for search? Does it matter if a site is mobile friendly? mobile device account 60% Global internet usage unimaginable in the desktop age. In the past, it made no difference to Google whether a site was mobile-friendly. Mobile compatibility was considered a nice-to-have feature, but not a requirement. Mobile search grew […]

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Take-Two shuts down developer behind mobile hit ‘Two Dots’

Rockstar, Zynga and 2K owner Take-Two Interactive is shutting down Playdots, the New York-based studio behind the popular mobile game two dots, Bloomberg has reported. Sixty-five employees will lose their jobs, the company confirmed to Bloomberg. The company has confirmed that the puzzle game will “continue at another Zynga studio and there will be no […]

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Valve releases redesigned Steam mobile app with QR code entry

You can finally say goodbye to your outdated and cumbersome Steam mobile app. Valve rolled out A redesigned version of the Steam mobile app for Android and iOS that it has been testing since at least August this year. The game developer said it was “rebuilding the app on a new framework and modernizing the […]

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EU to require USB-C charging for mobile devices by end of 2024

European Parliament voted Making USB-C the common charging standard in the EU. All mobile devices with power delivery up to 100W sold in the region (including phones, tablets and headphones) will need to come with a USB-C charging port by the end of 2024. Laptops will need to make the switch by spring 2026. Those […]

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Google announces 5 changes to mobile search

At Google’s Search On conference today, Google announced five significant changes to how people search on mobile. Starting today, the Google app for iOS will show shortcuts to various actions you can take apart from Enter a traditional search query. In the coming months, Google will upgrade its mobile search bar with additional features to […]

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‘Warzone’ goes mobile in 2023

Mobile gaming doubles with Call of Duty Warzone MobileA battle royale heading to Android and iOS devices in 2023. Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile It will feature 120-player matches with operators, weapons, locations and battles familiar to current Warzone fans. The game will support a shared Battle Pass, social features, and cross-progression. Modern Warfare II […]

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‘Assassin’s Creed Jade’ is a mobile game set in China

Ubisoft brings Assassin’s Creed back to mobile Jade, a new title has been set in China. The game takes place around 215 BC and fills the timeline in between. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and origins, and is designed to feel like a mainline entrance, track and all. There’s no release date yet, and all Ubisoft has […]

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Nintendo’s Dragalia Lost mobile RPG goes offline on November 30

owned by Nintendo and Cygames announced of Dragalia Lost exact end-of-service date: November 30, 01:00 ET. The companies started rolling out the gacha fantasy RPG back in March and released its last major update by the end of that month. In July, they completed the game’s main story with the aim of shutting down their […]

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Sony launches ‘PlayStation Studios Mobile’ with Savage Game acquisition

Sony is making the transition to mobile games with the release of “PlayStation Studios Mobile” and the acquisition of Savage Game Studios. announced. Sony said the new studio will “provide more ways for more people to engage with our content and will seek to reach new audiences unfamiliar with PlayStation and our games.” Wild Game […]

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Valve is testing a redesigned Steam mobile app

Valve has been offering access to Steam via Android and iOS clients for over a decade. However, in recent years, the Steam mobile app has not received much attention from the company. Not only does it look dated, it’s also a pain to use. I keep it on my iPhone just to take advantage of […]

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1Password’s major app redesign brings desktop features to mobile

It took a few months, but now you can access 1Password’s important updates on your phone. there is a company released For 1Password 8 Android and iOS, and many features of the desktop version have been ported to mobile devices. For starters, there’s a new home screen that provides faster, customized access to frequently used […]

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Samsung reports 12 percent increase in profit but warns of weak mobile and PC demand

For the second quarter of 2022, Samsung reported consolidated revenue of KRW 77.2 trillion (US$ 59.4 billion), a record high for the quarter ending June 30. Samsung’s operating profit also reached KRW 14.1 trillion (US$10.8 billion) – 12 percent higher than the same period a year ago and the best ever since 2018. As in […]


2021 Update on Mobile Index | Google Search Central Blog | Google Developers

Friday, November 26, 2021 We first started working on mobile-first indexing a few years ago. Since then, I’ve switched to indexing most web pages using Googlebot-Smartphone. Our existing plan was to complete mobile-first indexing by March of this year. In the meantime, we’ve analyzed mobile-first, yet unindexed sites and found that some of these sites […]