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Semrush Revenue Increases 35%, Reports Net Loss of $33.8 Million

Customer growth has pushed Semrush’s annual revenue in 2022 to $254.3 million, up 35% from 188 million in 2021. We expect Semrush to break even or make a small profit in 2023. In 2022, he will lose $33.8 million. The company is financially strong. Cash and short-term investments totaled $237.5 million at the end of […]

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July Google Product Review Updates, Quality Evaluator Guidelines, Loss of What You Need to Know, Core Web Vitals, Bing, Advertising, etc.

This week it was awkwardly quiet in Google’s rankings, and Google dropped a bomb, the July 2022 Google Product Review Update landed. Google has also released new Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, updated from those updated nine months ago. What Google needs to know A feature was missing in desktop search. Google no longer counts core […]