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Focus on SEO content that ranks

Given undeniable evidence that domain authority is irrelevant when it comes to ranking organic content, what would you change as a marketer? Imagine how much effort you can put into one thing: developing content that ranks. In this bold presentation, DemandJump’s Chief Solutions Officer, Ryan Brock, ventures to assess how much equity you invest in […]

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Why SEOs should focus on creating trust

While trust is not a new marketing concept, it does not get the attention it deserves in most SEO strategies.  This article will break down the overlooked importance of trust in SEO efforts and how to incorporate trust-building into your strategy. Overlooking the value of trust is a missed SEO opportunity Fellow Search Engine Land […]

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Should I focus on keywords with zero search volume?

In this Ask an SEO, Mouna asks: “Should I still use a keyword if I don’t have volume or keyword difficulty data? [tool name redacted] About some keywords? “ Good question, Mouna! The answer is yes. You should focus on keywords with zero search volume if it makes sense for your company. Here are four […]

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Apple’s 2022 App Store Awards focus on ‘cultural impact’

BeReal, the new social media app that has grown in popularity in the last few months, is one of the biggest winners this year. Apple’s App Store Awards. The tech giant said in an announcement that it won the iPhone App of the Year award for giving people an authentic perspective on the daily lives […]

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The Magic Leap 2 is the best AR headset ever, but will a corporate focus save the company?

Magic Leap’s glasses were supposed to take us into the age of augmented reality, a world beyond screens where we could interact with digital objects as if they were right next to us. Too bad they failed spectacularly. By early 2020, the company had raised nearly $2 billion. But aside from a few flashy demos […]

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Google is reportedly shifting its focus to hardware at the expense of Assistant

Google’s flurry of hardware launches could be part of a larger defensive strategy. resources talk to Information CEO Sundar Pichai sees hardware as the best way to “guard” against the pitfalls of the changing mobile market. According to Sissie Hsiao, Vice President of Google Assistant, Pichai is concerned that Apple is taking a stake in […]

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Google refreshes its Home app with a focus on customization

With the release of new Nest devices, Google has updated its Home app with a host of new features. The main takeaways are faster and easier pairing of smart devices with Matter, new customization and personalization options, improved inter-device interoperability, and a better Nest camera experience. The updated Home app takes advantage of Google’s Matter […]

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Rockstar will slow down ‘Read Dead Online’ updates to focus on new GTA

Rockstar Games confirmed this GTA VIif that’s the name of the next entry in the series, it was in the works when it announced its release date earlier this year. GTA V and GTA Online For PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Now, in an article detailing A big update is coming GTA Online the developer […]