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Microsoft may replace Bing Search answers with Bing Chat answers

Bing may replace the standard answers that appear at the top of Bing search results with Bing Chat answers.

Mikhail Parakhin, who heads Bing Search and Bing Chat, said that Bing Search’s current response “uses outdated technology and crowdsourcing” and Bing Chat’s response is that Bing will “replace them as soon as possible.” says. twitter over the weekend.

Parakhin added that this could be a new user interface for Bing Search to provide answers directly to user queries in Bing search results.

what it might look like. It’s hard to say for sure what these Bing Chat-based answers look like, but we found A new feature that summarizes responses from multiple sources on the web, much like Bing Chat responses.

This is a screenshot of Brodie Clark. twitter:

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context. Here is the tweet in which Parakin said this: You can see full context.

Improved Bing Search and Bing Chat integration. Bing Search improvements coming with Bing Chat integration, Parakhin Said:

  • “It’s a tricky interaction, so bugs keep creeping.”

Bing chat growth. The news is based on Microsoft’s recent announcement Some metrics that show the growth of Bing Chat:

  • Over 100 million daily active users.
  • 45 million kyats in total.
  • One-third of daily preview users use Bing Chat every day.
  • One-third of Preview users are new to Bing.

why you care. It will be interesting and important for publishers, content creators, marketers, and SEOs to observe how search adapts over time as AI chat capabilities roll out. If Bing replaces responses like featured snippets with Bing chat responses, it can affect click-through rates and traffic to his website.

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