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Google’s March Core Update, Bing Chat GPT-4, Bing Answers Go Chat and more

Google has released a broad core update for March 2023. So far this is a very fast and big update. Bing said it has been using its new GPT-4 technology for the past few weeks. Bing also hinted that Bing Search answers will be replaced with chat-based answers. Bing Sidebar with Bing Chat is now a stable release of Edge, and we’ve also increased Bing Chat limits and speed. Bing also explained which modes to use for Bing Chat and why. Google Featured Snippets may not work for you, and if that happens, you may want to consider using the data-no snippet. The Google mobile app install button is generated from a deep link and knowledge panel. Google said less common languages ​​are not considered low quality. Google updates his IP address file in his Googlebot a few days after detecting a new IP. Google’s John Mueller says spam-like referral traffic can be ignored. There’s a bug in Google Business Profiles that prevents business listings from showing up, but they do. You can now report reviews for Google Local Services Ads. Google Local Listings has a “similar to” feature. Google is testing mixed search and local snippets in search. Broad match modifiers in Microsoft Advertising now use broad match instead of phrase match. Microsoft Advising has launched ads for doctors and clinics. Google has updated the AdsBot Mobile Web Android User Agent. Google has updated the AdSense Auto Ads Publisher user interface. Google has a promotion to search with camera. Google is testing to replace his 3D labels in images with 360 labels. Google Search has many of your favorite brand features. If you would like to sponsor these vlogs, please visit: was the search news at this week’s Search Engine Roundtable.

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