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Googlebot’s IP address JSON file will be updated with the new IP within a few days

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According to Google’s Gary Illyes, the IP address list in the Googlebot JSON file is updated within a few days after a new IP is added to the list of IPs crawled by Googlebot. “We had a few comments about whether the list was up to date. Within days, the answer was always yes,” Gary said.

Gary said LinkedIn He explained why it was a few days. “The margin of a few days is due to the exporter only running once a week because the list rarely changes. The exporter will still run automatically once a week, but if the creation time field is updated with the new time, the list will be published even if it is not published, it’s a change without manipulation of the tool consuming the list, but hopefully it prevents comments on whether the list is up to date is,” explained Gary.

Gary also added, “We’ve modified the googlebot.json exporter to expose the list of IP ranges for Googlebot and update the creation time even if the list hasn’t changed.”

It should be noted that JSON file It was indeed updated about a week ago and not only has the format changed, but Google added {“ipv4Prefix”: “”} .

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