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Google March 2023 Core Update Now Available

Google core update

Google Search has started rolling out its first broad core update for 2023. This is called the March 2023 Broad Core Update. It will begin on March 15, 2023 at approximately 10:30 AM and may take approximately two weeks to deploy. Google I have writtenThis update was applied quickly and hard – it’s a big…

Google’s February 2023 Product Reviews update finished rolling out on March 7, and eight days later, Google began rolling out this broad core update.

So far, this update seems to have started with a big bang, and we’ve seen a ton of movement based on both SEO chatter and tracking tools within the SEO community. To be honest, this seemed to affect the black hat SEO community more than the white hat, but it might be too early to say.

Rolling out these updates can take about two weeks, and in some cases the changes you see in the first few days may not go well. Be patient and wait for the rollout to complete before panicking.

In any case, this broad core update has started very strong and very quickly, less than 24 hours after we began rolling it out.

Google March 2023 Core Update

I will briefly describe the most important things we know so far.

  • name: Google March 2023 Broad Core Update
  • Release: Around 10:30 am on March 15, 2023
  • roll out: 2022 rollout takes about 1-2 weeks
  • target: Explore all kinds of content
  • penalty: This is not a penalty, it is meant to promote or reward good web pages
  • global: This is a global update affecting all regions in all languages.
  • Impact: Google wouldn’t tell us what percentage of queries or searches were impacted by this update, but so far this seems like a typical core update with a wide spread, and the impact is rapid.
  • discover: Core updates affect Google Discover and other features, feature snippets, and more.
  • recovery: If you are hit by this, you should examine your content and see if Google’s core update advice can improve it.
  • refresh: Google updates this algorithm periodically, but may not notify you of updates in the future. Perhaps this is what we’ve seen in the last few weeks or all unconfirmed Google updates.

Here is the announcement tweet:

previous extensive core update

This will take weeks to roll out. The last update was his September 2022 core update on September 12, 2022. Then was his May 2022 Core Update on May 25th. 2022. Prior to that, from November 17th he was November 30th November 2021 Core Update. The previous core update prior to the November update was his July 2021, and his June core update a month before that. The previous one, six months before his June update on December 3, 2020, was called the December 2020 core update. Prior to that, there was a 7-month gap on May 4, 2020, with the May 2020 core update. It was before the January 2020 Core Update on January 13, 2020, and before that was the September 2019 Core Update on September 24, 2019. Oh, and before that was the core update on June 3, 2019.

SEO Chatter March 2023 Core Update

there is some chatter web masterworld forum, black hat world in the comments here. Some of the chatter began a day or so before he officially rolled out the update. Here’s a quote from the thread:

I think a new update may be in the works.

Again, something is brewing right now. It feels like Google is about to push another update.

So far, 90% of single page views are directing directly to the selected widget page, country source, as usual.

I think these non-stop updates are designed to keep you focused on something other than all the advertising…to keep chasing your tail, so to speak.

I don’t see any movement or change in the depressed Google traffic. And with all the advertising, I don’t think this core update will even stand out from our side, regardless of the outcome.

We haven’t seen a significant drop in overall traffic, but we do see a significant drop in landing pages with more competitive terms. 1 hit to a low-level single content page Wonder page visits continue, but that kind of traffic rarely translates to more dedicated searchers browsing a lot of content in one genre is not.

Bad mood. Traffic has finally recovered since the last update. I was wondering why I was still struggling today. Our rankings are all over the place.

One of my blogs with original content, 0 plagiarism, etc released about 3 weeks ago was penalized by Google today.

I can confirm that something is happening. The main keyword site fell from his #1 to his #3 page overnight. I hope it’s a Google dance, but I’ll check where it is later…

The White Hat Sights have been moved above the Black Hat Sights.

I know it means nothing now, but things are rocking….

My site has only been in SEO for 3 months, but the rankings are steadily rising every month, and many keywords are ranked within the top 20. However, due to the update, a large number of keywords have disappeared. Any chance the website will be back up in the next few days?

Hmm, looks like one of my sites has been hit pretty hard. Any idea what it could be? I can’t find any information in the link you posted. Maybe it’s coming.

SERPS are mixed in today’s Polish fish market. My his one her website already fell from page 1 to page 2 🙁

I woke up this morning and looked at the SERPs…it looks like a fish market…

The full shuffle is just beginning, one of my websites has already dropped from #2 to #9, another from #1 to #4, with Marketplace taking the top spot. I don’t know what will happen.

This morning’s update really pissed me off.

I looked up some of my keywords and they pounded. Instead, a company with multiple websites posted the same list (with the same picture) and just changed a few words to rank higher.

What’s the point in writing quality content when they’re trying to push that kind of garbage to the top spot?

That’s exactly what’s happening in my niche.

Sites with the same parent company writing the same content, targeting the same keywords, and having the same author occupy the first pages on Google.

Even more worrying is that these sites are exchanging links very aggressively. Like providing links to each other with the same anchor text. I’ve seen people complaining about this on Reddit as well.

This is a real concern and shows how unethical Google is and why it needs to be replaced.

Also, earlier this morning, I asked what people were watching on Twitter. Here are some answers. Click to see all. my tweet:

Tracking Tools in March 2023 Core Update

Most trackers are making large movements within Google search results, exhibiting significant volatility. Not all tools have been updated yet, so we will be updating the chart below throughout the day. Check back later for updated charts.


Click for full size

rank ranger:

Click for full size


Click for full size

Advanced web ranking:

Click for full size

SERP metrics:

Click for full size

Cognitive SEO:

Click for full size


Click for full size


Click for full size

shrike cast:

Not updated yet – I’ll add charts later…

What have you noticed so far?

forum discussion at twitter, black hat world and web masterworld.

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