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Google enhances access to healthcare information for US searchers

Google is taking steps to make medical information accessible to US searchers.

A Google search already provides easy access to information about US benefit programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.

In addition, Google helps searchers find medical appointments and identify insurance companies accepted by various medical facilities.

Now Google is expanding these efforts.

With the March 31st deadline for the suspended annual re-enrollment requirement approaching, Google aims to make it easier to find Medicaid re-enrollment information.

Support for uninsured and underinsured individuals

In addition to providing information to those who have insurance, Google also serves the needs of uninsured and underinsured individuals.

Soon, Google will show providers identified as community health centers offering free or low-cost medical care.

Improving information quality using conversational AI

Google is introducing new technology to display the most accurate and up-to-date information about healthcare providers.

The company’s conversational AI technology, Duplex, reached out to hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers across the United States for information on Google searches.

Google also uses Duplex to see if providers accept certain Medicaid plans in your state.

Addressing global mental health challenges

To address global challenges such as mental health, Google has announced a new partnership with New Zealand’s ThroughLine.

Google describes ThroughLine as the world’s largest verified network of mental health and crisis helplines.

As a result of this partnership, the crisis helpline will appear more frequently at the top of search results for queries related to personal crisis topics.

In summary

Google expands access to medical information by facilitating access to Medicaid reenrollment information, using AI technology to verify health care provider information, and connecting searchers to emergency helplines. I’m here.

These updates demonstrate our commitment to using our platform to create a more informed and healthier world.

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