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Daily Search Forum Recap: March 17, 2023

Let’s recap what happened in search forums today through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web.

Bing explained when to use each mode of Bing Chat and posted the thinking behind each mode. Google Merchant Center has changed its rules for advertising e-bikes. Google is testing new local and mobile search snippets. The ability to save your favorite Google brands is now available. Google tests his 360 degree labels better than his 3D labels. I also posted a recap of his weekly SEO videos. There, we’ll cover Google’s big core update and changes to Bing Chat.

The story of the search engine roundtable:

  • Search News Buzz Video Recap: Google’s March Core Update, Bing Chat GPT-4, Bing Answers Go Chat and More
    Google has released a broad core update for March 2023. So far this is a very fast and big update. Bing said it has been using its new GPT-4 technology for the past few weeks. Bing also says that Bing…
  • What Bing Thinks About Bing Chat Mode
    A few weeks ago Microsoft added three tones or response modes to the Bing Chat feature. Balanced, creative and precise. Yesterday, Bing CEO Mikhail Parakhin explained the thinking behind Microsoft Bing’s use of each Bing chat mode.
  • Google Product Listing Ads Allowing Faster E-Bikes
    Google will update its Merchant Center policy to allow ads for e-bikes up to 28 mph. This is up from a top speed of 15.5 mph from May 2022. This new policy will go into effect this month, March 2023.

  • A blend of Google test search and local snippet results
    Google may be testing a new result snippet that blends results from the general search result snippet and the local snippet. It has a favicon, site name, URL, title, and image, but the description has been removed and replaced with local features such as maps, directions, calls, and hours of operation.

  • Ability to save your favorite brands in Google Search
    At its Search On event last September, Google announced new personalized shopping results with the ability to specify the brands you want based on your previous shopping habits. This feature was supposed to release in his late 2022, but I think this is the first time we’ve actually seen it.

  • Google tests replacing 3D labels with 360 labels
    Google Search is testing replacing 3D labels for rotatable products and images with 360 labels in search results. I think either 3D or 360 labels would be better for this. I believe Google is testing another method.

  • Duane Forrester buys new Bing Mug from Fabrice Canel
    Former Microsoft and Bing employee Duane Forrester purchased a new Bing mug from Fabrice Canel to replace the Bing Webmaster Tools cup. This transaction went down at his PubCon a few weeks ago.

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