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The year organized labor finally took root in big technology

2022, a year that many predict will be remembered as terrible, will happily take its place in the rearview mirror of history very soon. Alhamdulillah, life goes on. There are many reasons to give Old Year a bad grade: Inflation and the still looming threat of another global recession, critical legal losses on abortion and […]

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Exclusive: Amazon’s attrition costs $8 billion annually, according to leaked documents. And it’s getting worse.

Amazon employs a surprising number of workers, well above industry averages. This startling attrition now comes at a cost, according to a slice of documents provided to Engadget that has previously been marked as unreported “Amazon Confidential.” “[Worldwide] Consumer Field Operations is experiencing high levels of attrition (no regrets and no regrets) at all levels, […]