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Allow e-bikes up to 28 mph in Google Product Listing Ads

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Google will update its Merchant Center policy to allow ads for e-bikes up to 28 mph. This is up from a top speed of 15.5 mph from May 2022. This new policy will go into effect this month, March 2023.

Google I have written“From March 2023, our company”Unsupported shopping content“The policy has been updated to allow advertising of e-bikes reaching speeds of up to 46 km/h (or 28 mph) in the US.”

E-bikes up to 28 mph are now allowed for product listing ads in Google Merchant Center. Google added that listings for these e-bikes must clearly state the speed of the e-bike on the landing page and provide a clear title or description of the product.

If speed is not specified, the product violates Google Merchant Center policies and will be disapproved by Google.

Google also states that “in addition to our standard Shopping ads policies, retailers must also comply with local laws in the regions where they advertise.”

By the way, that’s an 80% increase in speed.

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