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What you need to know

2022 Search Ads 360 Update What You Need to Know

30 seconds summary:

  • Search Ads 360 platform confirmed one of the biggest updates in 10 years
  • Alex Medawar, Senior Media Manager at Performics, shares important highlights of up-to-date information on budget optimization, performance monitoring, and inventory management.

Recently google publication A new update to the Search Ads 360 platform – and it’s big. The SA360 has become even more powerful since it was first launched over a decade ago, making it easier than ever for for-profit companies to manage their search advertising efforts.

The selected number of Search Ads 360 users finally gained preview access last month.

The new platform experience will begin rolling out over the next few months, while allowing users to continue to access the traditional experience.This article gives an overview Share new features and effective ways to get the most out of your budget and inventory on the Search Ads 360 platform.

1. Enhanced support for alternative channels

One of the Search Ads 360 updates has enhanced support for alternative search engines such as Microsoft Ads and Yahoo !. Japan.

Other ad channels have been ignored for years, resulting in time-consuming workarounds for linking data and making bulk changes.

As a result of the new update, Google promises to be able to do more work from the same location.

For Microsoft Advertiser, SA360 will support additional features.

  • Response search ads
  • Call extension
  • Local inventory advertising
  • Access to different audience types

For Yahoo !, Japanese advertisers are now able to take advantage of dynamic search ads and sitelink extension schedules.

2. Access to new features

Search Ads 360 will now provide support for the latest Google Ads features, including:

  • Performance Max – A new goal-based campaign type that gives performance advertisers access to all Google inventory from a centralized campaign.
  • Discovery campaign – Allow advertisers to place ads on Google Discover feeds to provide a visual and inspiring personalized ad experience
  • Display and YouTube ads (previously platform only)

Google has also added advanced enterprise innovation capabilities that allow teams to extend their day-to-day tasks, including:

  • Campaign management
  • Create automated rules
  • Use labels for different advertisers at the same time

Adding a template combines current features such as: Inventory control When Ad builder For a unified and scalable experience.

What's New in Search Ads 360 Update-Inventory Management and Ad Builder

For media managers who spend hours creating forecasts, the new Performance Center will include enterprise planning capabilities with spending, CPA, and conversion forecasts for the coming months.

3. Updated inventory management

The revamped warehouse management system provides streamlined workflows and greater control over how ad space is used.

The SA360 can leverage inventory feeds to generate out-of-the-box paid search campaigns with dynamic data such as product prices, descriptions, and inventory status from the feed.

This tool is especially useful in industries where price and availability change frequently, such as:

  • Airlines
  • Hotel
  • Live and streaming entertainment
  • Recruitment
  • retail
  • Businesses with region-specific offers

How to use

  1. Offer High quality data Create a list of feed attributes such as product name, price, and landing page.
  2. Create templates for each type of output you want to generate, such as campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and more. (Hint: Start small!)
  3. Use function Attributes for generating relevant ads.
  4. Check the output and optimize until you are satisfied with the results.

Within minutes, your account will have a ready-to-use, targeted campaign ready to launch.

With the new Search Ads 360, marketers will be able to manage templates across client accounts and update large ads.

Search Ads 360 Budget Management

4. Budget management

Any media manager will say that managing your account budget and pace is one of the most important elements of campaign management, and one of the most difficult, especially on a large scale.

As part of the latest Search Ads 360 release, budget management will be improved and integrated with the new Performance Center.

Later this year, Google will provide full access to these planning tools, allowing you to experiment with a variety of potential media budget flight scenarios.


The following are some of the features included in the current budget management system.

  • A visual graph that includes KPIs such as CPA (cost per acquisition) and revenue, in addition to target and estimated spending
  • Automatic budget allocation and bid adjustment set by the selected budget bidding strategy
  • Prediction function based on past performance data considering seasonality
  • Estimated cumulative spending based on historical data and potential to reach target spending
  • Pacing reports at the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly levels

As Google adds new features throughout the year, we can expect these tools to become more accurate and streamlined for corporate planning.

New look

The experience of the new Search Ads 360 is very similar to the Google Ads platform with similar navigation and familiar user experience.

When you launch the SA360 platform, you can see the same account overview dashboard in Google Ads for seamless navigation between the two.

To the future

With the new Search Ads 360 update, Google opens the door to next-generation enterprise innovation to optimize performance.

With new updates, you can do more work in one place, save time, and provide a better cross-channel view for data-driven decision making.

Sign up for Google to learn all about the new tools New skill shop module For Search Ads 360.

Alex Medawar is Senior Media Manager at Performics Alex As an experienced digital media expert, Alex Medawar focuses on managing B2B paid search campaigns and strategies for global brands in the technology arena. Alex believes that a data-driven approach can be used by both small and medium-sized businesses to talk to viewers and achieve results in the digital media world.

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