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VW and BP to install thousands of fast EV chargers at petrol stations in Europe

VW and BP both know they need to adopt electric vehicles and are prepared to work together to alleviate some of the transition pains. auto week reports two companies creating team Installing thousands of VW Flexpole 150kW fast EV chargers at gas stations in Germany and the UK. In two years, there will be 2,000 charging units (4,000 charging points) at BP stations in the UK and Aral locations in Germany.

The expansion will help BP expand its charging network to 8,000 connections by the end of 2024. Not surprisingly, the locations of the new chargers will be accessible via in-car apps on both VW group cars (including Seat and Skoda) and VWs. Fifty charging apps. The two companies also promise to explore “more opportunities” in eco-friendly transportation.

While Flexpole chargers are fast and can offer around 100 miles of charge in 10 minutes, their real appeal may be their flexibility. Because they use battery storage they can run on low voltage networks – easier to install at gas stations and other sites where high voltage might not be an option.

Of course, this is not an altruistic act. VW is accelerating its electrification plans and now expects 70 percent of its sales to be EVs by 2030 – if customers are to buy these vehicles in droves, it needs an extensive charging network. Meanwhile, BP is trying to change its reputation as an oil and gas giant in favor of becoming an “integrated energy company.” A partnership like this could help BP transition gas stations to EV charging more elegantly than it would on its own.

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