Video Marketing: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

Template № 1: Video with instructions

Video with instructions just as it sounds …

This is a video that shows someone how to do something, such as bake a cake or squeeze.

For many businesses videos with instructions will become your bread and butter. In fact, the video instructions are similar to the video version of the blog content. They are not designed to transform people right away.

But videos with instructions are great for showing your brand to potential customers. So, along with product demonstrations, I recommend using them in your video marketing.

Here is the template:

Template: video with instructions

Let’s disassemble each element.

Intro = Video preview

The main purpose of your preview is to make it clear to the viewer that he is in the right place.

In other words:

No need to tell people why your topic is important. If they hit your video, they already know it’s important.

This is a mistake I made a lot with my early videos.

Instead of jumping right into the content, I would go into a long background.

Spoiler: People HATE these intros. And they left.

(Not to mention that, again, I really needed a haircut. 🙂)

Today my intro is short, cute and accurate.

Which has greatly improved my average audience content.

YouTube Analytics - Audience Content

Steps or tips

Now it’s time for the meat of your content.

Depending on your video you can outline a number of steps. Or give people a list of tips.

For example, this video from my channel lists a series of 9 traffic strategies.

On the other hand, this video describes a specific step-by-step process.

If you watch these videos, you will notice that the structure is basically the same.

The only difference is that the steps are in a certain order. While strategies can be in almost any order.

However, there is one GREAT thing to keep in mind in this section of your video with instructions:

Keep things moving.

In other words: there is no need to cover everything you need to know about a step or advice. Yes, you need to cover every step in depth. But once you’ve learned the basics, it’s time for the next step.


Well, it is no secret that people on the Internet have a very short period of attention. And if you continue and continue about the same topic, you will lose the viewer’s attention.

For example, I spent 2-3 minutes on one step or tip.

And people themselves became bored.

Today I spend about 30-60 seconds on the tip. And then move on to the next thing I want to talk about.

So my video content is moving soon… which supports people.


Now that you’ve made your last move, what’s next?

Well, I don’t recommend finishing your video out of nowhere. It’s super stunning.

Instead, you want to quickly describe the 3 main things in your video factory:

  • A brief summary
  • Examples
  • The next steps

For example, in this video I summarize things:

Fast video cutter

Note that I am not repeating the same advice they just heard about.

Instead, I quickly share what they learned … and start moving on to the end of the video.

And if you have more examples of how this process has helped you, a client or a friend, mention them here. You’ve probably already mentioned a few examples in the steps section of your video. But feel free to add another one here.

This latest example motivates people to take action on what they have just learned.

Finally, let people know about the next steps.

If they watch your video on YouTube, it could be a subscription to your channel.

If you post videos on your website, you can ask them to subscribe to your newsletter.

Either way, be sure to complete your video with a clear set of next steps.

Here is an example:

End of video - Next steps

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