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Unity lays off 4 percent of its workforce to reorganize its resources

Unity laid off hundreds of employees at its offices around the world. Kotaku. The video game software development company, known for its popular game engine, has reportedly left around 300 to 400 employees so far. Sources said that layoffs are still ongoing, so these numbers could be higher until the company ends. Unity gives Engadget “some [its] resulted in the layoffs of about 4 percent of the entire workforce. This is consistent with its report that it has let go of about 300 people since its inception. LinkedIn page It lists 8,048 employees.

The company told Engadget:

“As part of an ongoing planning process in which we regularly evaluate our level of sourcing against our company priorities, we have decided to realign some of our resources to better focus and support our long-term growth. This has resulted in some difficult decisions affecting approximately 4 people. Contributions by Unity leavers. We are grateful to them and support them through this difficult transition.”

While the mass layoff impacts Unity’s entire workforce, Kotaku He said he mostly focuses on artificial intelligence and engineering departments. Open BlindThe anonymous messaging board used by workers in the tech industry said posters claiming to be former Unity employees were asked to jump into a Zoom conversation with a manager and an HR staff member. They lost access to Slack and their email company and had to hand over their laptops within 48 hours, but were apparently given 30 days to find a new role at the company. By Kotaku, Giving them 30 days to find a new job won’t help because the company has decided to freeze hiring, but Unity told us that was simply not true.

One of the publication’s sources said there is a lot going on within Unity right now, including mismanagement and “strategic axes at a rapid, unpredictable rate.” Whatever the reason for its restructuring, Unity’s layoffs are only the latest in a series of layoffs in the tech industry. Niantic also recently laid off about 90 employees, or 8 percent of its workforce, to streamline its operations. Meanwhile, Netflix’s recent layoffs due to slowing revenue growth affected 300 staff.

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