The Evovac Deebot X1 Omni can be cleaned cleanly, but comes with a huge docking station

To be honest, who really enjoys cleaning the floor? It may bring great satisfaction when you’re done, but after all it’s still a chore and can take a considerable amount of time if you’re vacuuming or wiping-not cleaning It’s a better time.

Evovac’s solution for those who are disadvantaged by boring chores Deebot X1 Omni, Robot vacuum and mop system. Comes with an all-in-one omni station, self-cleaning and drying, automatic dust removal, and automatic refilling of water after each cleaning round.

One of the first notable features of the Deebot X1 Omni is the size and weight of the Omni station. The Danish company Jacob Jensen Design tried to create a minimalist look that was sophisticated, but it looks like “art” and not a cleaning system, but it’s hard to think about where to put it in the house. It may be a little difficult. ..

The manual advises that the omni station should be located near PowerPoint. It also requires a clearance space of 0.5 meters on each side and 1.5 meters on the front, so there is plenty of space for the X1 Omni to get in and out of itself. -Cleaning station.

However, this may not be a problem for users living in luxury four-story mini-condominiums, such as the house where Evovac recently provided the first demonstration of the X1 Omni for the media, but more. If you live in a small space, my house is a shoebox by comparison-you may need to think carefully.

I admit that I avoided unpacking for a week, mainly because it was so big. When it finally reached it, X1 Omni no longer had to go to the gym for a deadlift session.


Image: Sebaztian Barns / ZDNet

Looking under the hood of the all-in-one station, the size makes sense as you can see two 4 liter water tanks-one for clean water and one for all that was generated from cleaning the mop map. Used to automatically store dirty water — plus storage for cleaning brushes and additional mop pads.

The end of the so-called hands-off cleaning experience is the vacuum cleaner bottle in front of the omni station. Every time you clean, the collected dust is automatically transferred to the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag should only be replaced when it is full.

Another notable feature is Yiko, an interactive AI voice assistant built into Deebot. Evovac claims that Yiko is designed to transform the Deebot X1 family from “highly intelligent cleaning tools to true home service robotics.” Each time you say “OK Yiko,” X1 Omni responds and waits for specific commands such as coming to your voice, cleaning certain parts of your house, cleaning around furniture, and so on. However, in testing, the experience wasn’t seamless, as Yiko needed more than a few calls to answer.

Thankfully, the Evovac Home mobile app provides all the same functional controls in case of failure. The app also provides access to stored maps of your home created using TrueMapping technology integrated with X1 Omni. From there, you can use the app to customize when and where to clean up X1 Omni.


Image: Sebaztian Barns / ZDNet

There is also a video manager in the home app. This is a handy tool that you can use to take advantage of X1 Omni’s built-in camera to view your cleaning actions from that perspective, especially when you’re on the go or looking for a place. House.

The video manager also has two-way audio capabilities, so you can use the X1 Omni as a walkie-talkie with other family members and pets at home, take pictures and record videos. However, the issues surrounding these three features are: why. Of course, unless you plan to use Deebot for espionage purposes, proceed immediately. If not, it’s just a little creepy. This is despite Evovac’s claim that it “is committed to protecting the privacy and security of its users” by integrating security into software and hardware and adopting encryption. He added that the Deebot X1 family was also the first robot vacuum to obtain TÜV Rheinland’s privacy and safety certificate for both software and hardware.

The cleaning system may have all these bells and whistles, but the real question is whether the floor can really be cleaned. The answer is yes.

Evovac is proud that the X1 Omni has the strongest suction power of its 5000 Pa. This is ideal for sucking up dirt on carpets and rugs. The only pitfall is, don’t forget to set it, and you have to be prepared for noise, otherwise it vacuums with a default suction force of 2000Pa.

The X1 Omni has two rotating mop pads on the back of the body for mop functionality, relying on pressure and a rotation speed of 180 per minute to wipe stubborn dirt without getting the floor wet. .. If you want the machine to vacuum the carpet, you will still need to manually remove the mop pad.

The robot will also take advantage of upgraded 3D obstacle detection technology to navigate the house more accurately. This is ideal if strange toys or slippers are still lying on the floor. Deebot automatically slows down suction when it detects that an object is in the way. It’s smart enough to navigate large objects, but it can still be difficult to chew small items such as phone charger cords.

Despite its size and questionable creep capabilities, the X1 Omni not only helps keep the floor clean, but also makes you think hard about whether your time is worth an investment of A $ 2,500.

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