The 5 best wireless car chargers of 2022

Your phone does more than keep you in touch with others. It also often works as your personal navigation and music player. However, longer commutes or road trips can end up draining the battery quickly if you’re streaming audio, using maps and more. Keeping your phone powered up can be essential, especially when you’re driving in unfamiliar territory. 

Some newer-model vehicles have wireless car chargers built-in, but the functionality is not as readily available in most cars yet. Luckily, the best wireless car chargers and mounts are the latest way to ensure your phone can hold out longer and they can be found online for less than $50. Best of all, wireless car chargers eliminate the need for cables that typically get lost or left behind. Here are our picks for the five best versions available now.

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Best wireless car charger

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger


Specs: 18W | MagSafe compatible | iPhone 12 and 13 versions | Air-vent mount | 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.26 inches |

Most car chargers have arms or grips that require you to place your phone in the mount just right. They may even limit the phone size, making it harder for users with larger devices to find a compatible wireless car charger.  ESR’s HaloLock wireless car mount is designed for the latest iPhones and features a clean, flat surface that holds your device in place magnetically, regardless of its size. 

It’s built to work like a MagSafe charger, capable of charging at high speeds using up to 18 watts of power while still managing heat capably. The ring of magnets is powerful enough to keep your phone secure, even on bumpy roads. Despite the magnetic strength, you can still rotate the HaloLock to portrait or landscape mode to make the most of your screen’s display.


  • Fool-proof magnetic attachment
  • Fast charging without overheating
  • Can rotate into landscape mode


  • Only compatible with iPhone 12 and 13 models
  • MagSafe or compatible ESR case recommended

APPS2Car Windshield Wireless Car Charger

Best wireless car mount for windshield attachment

APPS2Car Windshield Wireless Car Charger


Specs: 10W | Qi-certified | iPhone, Samsung, LG and more | Dashboard, air-vent or windshield mount | 3.15 x 3.15 x 1.26 inches | 

When you prefer to hang your wireless car charger from the windshield, the APPS2Car charger may be the best solution. Its 13-inch gooseneck is flexible and can be bent into a variety of shapes to help you find the perfect display angle for your device while it charges. The suction cup is washable to keep it free of debris so you can attach — and reattach it — as many times as you’d like.

Another unique feature of APPS2Car’s windshield wireless car charger is the integrated color LED light that keeps you up to date on your phone’s charging status. The light will let you know how far along your phone is in the charging process, as well as notify you of an error if it detects debris on the charging plate, which is interfering with the charge.


  • Compatible with most phone models
  • Adjustable 13″ gooseneck arm
  • LED charging indicator


  • No heat management which may cause the charger to fail in hot weather
  • More rugged cases may need to be removed

iOttie Wireless Car Charger

Best for larger phones

iOttie Wireless Car Charger


Specs: Fast charging up to 10W | Qi-certified | CD, vent or dashboard mount | iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Google Pixel, LG and more | Fits large phones up to 3.6″ | 8.2 x 5.2 x 2.7 inches |

iOttie’s wireless car charger is available as a CD/air vent or dashboard model. The suction cup on the dash model sticks to your dashboard to keep the wireless car charger exactly where you need it while charging at a fast speed of up to 10W.

What makes iOttie’s charger unique is the Easy One-Touch trigger. Once you push the button, the sensor knows you’re about to attach the phone to the charger. The grips will automatically open up to grab your phone and hold it securely in place to charge. The feature is especially helpful when driving and needing to charge as quickly as possible while keeping your eyes on the road. Simply direct your phone towards the car charger, touch the button on the charging base and insert the phone into the device, which will lock it in place.

  • Pros:
  • Easy to align and attach
  • Adjustable angles for viewing
  • Fits extra-large devices


  • The model must be purchased as a CD/vent or dashboard version
  • Higher price point

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

Best for 360-degree display

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger


Specs: Fast charging up to 10W | Qi-certified | CD, vent or dashboard mount | iPhone, Samsung | 4.96 x 2.85 x 3.85 inches |

You probably won’t need a wireless car charger that can pivot 360 degrees too often. However, it’s a useful feature if you ever want to record footage straight from your dashboard, would like to share the contents of the phone with passengers or prefer to mound the suction-cup attachment to your windshield instead of the dashboard. The pivoting ball makes it possible to adjust the wireless car mount to nearly any angle you need for the most convenience. 

ZeeHoo’s model also delivers what’s most important — fast charging of up to 10W and Qi-compatibility. Plus, inserting your phone is easy. Drop the phone into the holder, and it will lock the clamps in place without the need to fuss with cables or placement.


  • Charging is compatible with most cases without the need to remove them
  • It can be mounted using the suction cup attachment or vent clip
  • A great deal under $30


  • Compatible with iPhone or Samsung, although other models may also work
  • The mechanism is relatively bulky-looking

DOODBI Wireless Car Charger Mount

Best for fast charging

DOODBI Wireless Car Charger Mount


Specs: Up to 15W | Qi-certified | Vent, dashboard or windshield mount | iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Nexus and more | 7.68 x 6.54 x 3.11 inches |

DOODBI’s wireless car charger features a low-profile design that’s compatible with nearly any phone model. Capable of high-speed charging of up to 15W, you can power your phone faster, based on the charging cable you use. It’s the only wireless car charging device in this guide that doesn’t come with a charging cable. We give it a pass simply because the model is universally compatible with most smartphones — all of which have their own charging cable version that’s optimized for high-speed charging.

You can charge your phone effortlessly, even while driving. To attach your phone to the wireless car mount, place it close to the device. Its integrated sensors can tell when your phone is near and will release the clips to accept your phone. Once you place it into the mount, the clamps will automatically close and hold your phone securely. Best of all, the car charger can hold most phone models and protective cases, so you don’t have to remove yours before charging. 


  • Automatic clamps with sensor for easy attachment
  • Can charge incredibly fast (based on the charger cable)
  • Compatible with most phone models


  • Power supply not included
  • Grips may block volume or power buttons on some phone models

How did we choose these products?

Wireless car chargers are fairly new and therefore, hard to choose the best model. The best way to start is to make sure that the wireless charger is compatible with your phone model. Many wireless car chargers work with major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Google Pixel and more. However, some chargers are only designed for Apple devices, for example.

Once you find a wireless car mount that works with your smartphone, look for Qi-certified models. Qi-compliant wireless chargers have been tested for the utmost safety and efficiency when it comes to wireless charging. Fast charging speeds are also important. However, a device can only charge as quickly as the cable and phone model you own. We chose models featuring 10 to 15 watts for the fastest charging times possible.

Lastly, placement versatility was important when we were evaluating the best wireless car chargers and mounts. We selected models that could be attached to your dashboard or windshield via powerful suction or clamped onto an air vent. All models had to pivot and adjust so you can easily set the ideal angle for your display needs. 

Which wireless car charger is the right one for you?

Choosing the best wireless car charger depends on the same factors we used to choose the top five. First, the best wireless car mount for you depends on the model of your phone. Not all wireless car chargers accept larger phone models. If you have a larger phone, choose a magnetic charger or one that’s compatible with the size version of your phone model.  

In addition, you’ll need to decide where the ideal place to mount your wireless charger will be in your vehicle. Your choices are an air vent using a clip, or the dashboard or windshield using a suction cup attachment. (The best wireless car chargers typically provide you with the flexibility to choose from all three options). 

If you plan on using your phone while charging, a model that can be mounted within easy viewing and that can be adjusted to the best angle to avoid glare is best. Most wireless car chargers make attaching the phone into the device a fairly simple task that can be done with just one hand. Unless you use a rugged, bulky cover, you don’t even need to remove your phone’s protective case to charge wirelessly.

Wireless car charger FAQ

What is Qi-certification?

Qi-certified wireless chargers ensure that the device was rigorously tested before being released into the market. Most of the best wireless chargers and mounts are Qi-certified. However, it’s always important to double-check for compliance before purchasing one.

Chargers that are Qi compliant are safe, reliable, efficient and compatible with many phone models, ensuring your smart device will charge quickly — and with a low risk of damage. To know if your charging device passed the test to earn certification, look for the Qi logo on the device. 

What is the best wireless car charger?

The best wireless car charger is the ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger due to its MagSafe compatibility, strong magnetic vent mount and price.

Are wireless car chargers fast?

One of the biggest bonuses of buying a wireless vehicle charger is the speed at which you can charge your phone at. Most wireless car chargers have speeds of up to 10W, with newer-model versions offering 15 watts. Best of all, most wireless car chargers can work well even through your smartphone’s case. Unless it’s a thick rugged model, you won’t need to remove the case to charge your phone quickly. 

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the charging power is lost, due to the fact that your phone is charging from a base and not receiving the full current directly via cable. Nevertheless, most wireless chargers have an efficiency of 85% or more, making them a good alternative to traditional charging using a cable. 

Are suction-cup phone mounts really secure?

Attaching your phone to a wireless car mount attached to your windshield or dash using a suction cup may seem risky. Your phone (and the charger) could fall due to bumpier roads or if the charger’s suction cup is mounted incorrectly. 

For the most secure attachment, make sure the surface you’re planning on mounting your charger on is smooth. Clean it with an alcohol wipe to get rid of oils, dirt and other debris. Moistening the suction cup before attaching it can help it grip better, but be sure not to overdo it. Some manufacturers recommend waiting 24 hours after attaching the suction cup before placing your phone in the charger. However, if the surface is clean and you were able to achieve a strong grip, you can probably start using the wireless charger right away.

Alternatives to wireless car chargers

A wireless car charger is the latest advancement in charging technology. It eliminates the need to carry around a cable to charge your phone. Once a wireless car charger is mounted in place, you can drop your phone (and often, other phone models) into the charger and let it charge wirelessly while you continue following a navigation plan or streaming audio. 

However, not all phone models are compatible with wireless charging. If you have an older phone, you’ll need to stick with the traditional way to charge your device while in the vehicle — by connecting your phone to a USB port using a charging cable or by adding a car charger to the vehicle’s 12V outlet. Consider the following models:

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