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Tableware company sued by customers claiming ‘contaminated’ lentils led to gallbladder removal

Vegan meal kit startup Daily Harvest has faced two lawsuits by customers who claimed their gallbladder had to be removed after eating one of the company’s products. reported CNN. The company last month voluntary recall The “French Lentil + Leek Crumbles” dish, following gastrointestinal and liver claims from consumers. The first lawsuit was filed by Carol Ann Ready of Oklahoma, who sued the company in federal court for the Southern District of New York. They ate crumbs of lentils, bought ready-made from the Daily Harvest in May, on two separate occasions, both of which landed you in the emergency room. The second of these was a four-day stay, which ended with Ready’s doctor recommending gallbladder removal.

Ready’s lawyers are seeking a jury trial, arguing that the damage to the case exceeded the amount the court would normally allow. “Plaintiff has sustained serious personal injury; experienced and will continue to suffer significant pain and other physical ailments; significant medical expenses have been and will continue to be incurred; has missed and will likely miss in the future, the work and time dedicated to advancing in the profession; and remains at risk for future health complications with damages exceeding $75,000, which is this court’s jurisdiction threshold.” complaint received by Food Safety News.

Earlier this week, an Oregon-based content creator sued Daily Harvest for personal injury, alleging that she consumed lentils and subsequently had to have her gallbladder removed. Inside In the lawsuit, which was posted on Twitter on June 21, plaintiff Luke Wesley Pearson warned his followers not to eat lentil crumbs.

The Daily Harvest still hasn’t determined exactly what might be causing the adverse reactions. “So far all pathogen and toxicology results have been negative, but we continue to do extensive testing to get to the bottom of this. Everyone affected deserves an answer and we are committed to getting it right,” the company said in a statement. CNN.

Yesterday, the FDA made an official statement. entered the epidemic to determine the cause. In a blog post, Daily Harvest states approximately From customers who experience adverse reactions after eating the product.

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