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Summer Games Done Quick 2022 raises $3M for charity

In its first solo event since 2020, GDQ’s Summer Games Fast 2022 raised more than $3.01 million. Doctors Unlimited. In total, some of the best speed runners in the world have come to Bloomington, Minnesota, and have completed 134 different game runs as follows: Doomsday Eternal, tunic and Control. Games Done Quick has collected more than 42,000 individual donations over its seven days of programming.

And while the final figure fell short of the record-breaking $3.4 million the organization secured for the Cancer Prevention Foundation earlier this year at the Awesome Games Done Quick, SGDQ was more than $2.9 million raised in 2021. departure Kasumi “Sumichu” Yogi. Yogi has served as GDQ’s director of marketing and business development for the past eight years, helping the organization become the community cornerstone it is today. Games Done Quick’s next fundraising event, the all-female Flame Fatales showcase, kicks off August 21, and proceeds from the event’s proceeds. Malala Fund.

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