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Summary of Daily Search Forum: June 24, 2022

This is a summary of what happened in today’s search forums through the eyes of search engine roundtables and other search forums on the web.

Google is experimenting with YouTube shorts for SEO help content. Google is testing to insert keywords from shopping ad queries. Google states that keywords in the domain are overrated and ignore black hat traffic. Google said it’s okay to link to the site’s WhatsApp number. In addition, a weekly SEO video summary is available.

Search Engine Roundtable Story:

  • Search News Topic Video Summary: Google Search Ranking Updates, Google News Updates, SEO, Advertising, Local, etc.
    This week we’ve seen some interesting shakes and ranking changes since the unidentified June 16th Google Search Rankings update, which soared about a day ago. Google News has redesigned it …
  • Google: Ignore black hat traffic.
    Google’s John Mueller said it’s safe to ignore black hat traffic, it’s just spam and you don’t have to worry about it from an SEO perspective. He said on Twitter that black hat traffic is just spam and should be ignored.

  • Google Try YouTube Shorts for SEO Help Content
    In March, Gary Illyes and his friends hinted that they might try creating short video content for Google Help documentation. Now, Google’s Alan Kent created one of the first topics on why it’s important to size an image.

  • Google Shopping ads test inserting material into ad titles from queries
    Google is testing the dynamic keyword insertion feature of Google Shopping ads that can insert material into your product when used in searcher queries. I don’t know if this is 100% new, but it may.

  • Google: Domain name keywords are overrated
    Google’s John Mueller once again said, “Domain name keywords are overrated.” He and Google employees have said this many times over the years, but he said it again. Instead, he said, “Choose something for your business and choose something in the long run.”

  • Google: WhatsApp phone numbers on your site are not bad SEO practices
    Google’s John Mueller said on Twitter that linking to WhatsApp numbers on your site is not a bad SEO practice. This is fine for links to WhatsApp numbers, phone numbers, or fax numbers, despite what some SEO toolsets say, and how Google makes different sites based on the type of number they link to. I will not judge by.

  • Aurora Morales Recording at Google Studios
    Google’s Aurora Morales has made a lot of videos for Google, especially in terms of publisher monetization. She has done a great number of them while at her home since COVID.She now said she was b

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