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Summary of Daily Search Forum: July 5, 2022

This is a summary of what happened in today’s search forums through the eyes of search engine roundtables and other search forums on the web.

Twitter has returned the nofollowlink attribute to the link. The link report in the Google Search Console shows fewer and fewer links. Google has stated that it is safe to remove denial link files if you do not perform link spam or receive manual action. You need three courses on your site to see the rich results of the courses on Google Search. Google Analytics had a tracking bug before the weekend. Google had a July 4th Doodle-I didn’t post much that day. Another vlog by Jon and Jaimie Clark is out. And today I posted a monthly Google Webmaster Report.

Search Engine Roundtable Story:

  • July 2022 Google Webmaster Report
    I hope you all spent the weekend of July 4th. Here’s the July 2022 Google Webmaster Report to catch up with last month. Last month, two algorithm updates were confirmed, many unconfirmed. We’ve also made changes to the search console, SEO document updates, local and map capabilities, and a number of user interfaces.
  • The number of links in the Google search console continues to decline significantly
    I rarely see links to this site, so I rarely see link reports in the Google Search Console. However, something triggered me to check it and I noticed that the raw counts for the links reported by this tool continue to drop significantly.

  • Twitter adds Nofollow attribute to link
    A few weeks ago, Twitter removed the nofollow attribute from the link. Now, it looks like these nofollow link attributes have been added. Glenn Gabe discovered this last Friday, just before the long weekend of July 4th.
  • Google: If you don’t have a history of manual operations or link schemes, it’s safe to delete the denial link file
    Google’s John Mueller is probably safe to permanently delete the link denial file if he hasn’t previously taken any manual action on the link and / or if the site has no history of link schemes. Said that. He said Google would remove the denial file because it’s good at ignoring links that look like typical spam that you didn’t make yourself.

  • PSA: The rich results of Google courses require at least 3 courses
    Google reiterates that you need to mark up at least three courses on your site to qualify for displaying the rich results of courses on Google Search. The guidelines have been updated to “must mark up at least three courses”, but this has always been a rule.

  • Overview of Google Analytics with hourly reports that do not count data
    For the past few hours, the home view of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics 3), which displays “Audience Summary”, has not been counted. You need to filter the results you see today. You can see that the count stopped around 2:03 pm. This affects not all accounts, most of my work, but some.
  • Vlog # 180: Jaimie Clark and Jon Clark from Razorfish to Wirecutter & Centerfield & Microsoft & NBC Universal in New York Times
    Jaimie and Jon Clark came to visit and we all talked about SEO and much more. Jaimie Clark is Centerfield’s Vice President of SEO and formerly Head of SEO for The New York Times company Wirecutter …

  • Happy July 4th Search Industry
    As you can see, we wish you a happy and happy July 4th. This site is all dressed up for the day (on your desktop) and Google has a special animated Doodle. I was embedding a Bing theme, but was threatened by a proceeding to do it (one of those image legal companies, not Microsoft).
  • Google Chrome Adidas sneakers
    Here are the Google brand Adidas sneakers with the Google Chrome OS logo on the side. Perhaps this was a custom swag recently provided by Google.

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