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Summary of Daily Search Forum: July 1, 2022

This is a summary of what happened in today’s search forums through the eyes of search engine roundtables and other search forums on the web.

Google will no longer display a wealth of results for products that are banned or regulated, or that may harm others. Google is testing a decent “find a place through reviews”. Google Shopping has detection filters for businesses owned by blacks, women, veterans, and Latino Americans. Google’s Automotive Knowledge Panel highlights electric and hybrid vehicles in green. Google has replaced the background color of some images in web search results. And I posted a weekly SEO video-I hope you like it. Happy July 4th 🇺🇸.

Search Engine Roundtable Story:

  • New: Google’s abundant results not allowed for banned, regulated, or harmful products
    Google Search has added new content guidelines to its extensive results of help documentation. These new guidelines directly prohibit marking up products or content that are widely banned or regulated or that may cause serious harm to yourself or others. Google said it would simply not show abundant results with such products.
  • Find a location in Google Search Reviews
    Google seems to be testing or slowly rolling out a new local search feature with its main web search results named Search Locations Through Reviews. Google will display some local business review carousels that match the query in this web search feature.

  • Google Shopping Search Find filters for businesses owned by blacks, women, veterans, and Latino Americans
    Google recently added a new “Detection” filter to the Google Shopping search sidebar to filter shopping results by black, Latin, veteran, or female-owned businesses. I think this was added at least a few months ago when Google added the small store filter, but I’m not 100% sure about the timing.

  • Google will automatically select the background color for the snippet image in the search results
    Over the past few months, Google has automatically selected background colors for images added to Google Search search results snippets, as well as shading for Google Shopping ads, as well as image search results.
  • Google Auto Knowledge Panel Adds Green Fonts to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
    Google Search has a knowledge panel for cars and car-related searches. When you search for a vehicle that has the electric and / or hybrid option available, Google will display it as “hybrid available” and display its font in green.

  • GoogleBe colorful background
    This is a picture of Peter the Greeter in front of the “Be Colorful” sign on Google Plex. This sign is very colorful and there are lots of fun views around it.I think this was for the celebration of pride at t
  • Search News Buzz Video Summary: Google June 27 Update, Update Communication, Rich Results Guidelines Update, SEO, PPC, Local, News and more
    There may have been another update, an unconfirmed Google search algorithm update, on June 27th and 28th. Google’s Danny Sullivan talked about how Google communicates about Google algorithm updates at Google New York SEO …

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