SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Keyboard Review: A small but powerful gaming tool

Strong Points

  • 2.0 Omnipoint adjustable switch
  • RGB backlight adjustable for each key
  • Dual action programmable key


  • price
  • No magnetic wrist rest

I have always brought ambivalence to mechanical gaming keyboards. There are many different key switch options that they can feel overwhelming. But recently I had to test the latest release of SteelSeries. Apex Pro Mini When ApexProMini wireless keyboard.. Like its full-size brothers Apex ProThe Pro Mini uses a special adjustable 2.0 omnipoint hybrid switch to adjust the keys to your operating preferences, so all keyswitch options are packaged in one small keyboard. This enabled the conversion of gaming keyboards in addition to the new small 60% aluminum frame design.

After about 20 hours of testing the Apex Pro Mini’s wired and wireless keyboards, the small and compact design may not be ideal for people with musculoskeletal problems, but with smooth typing and a gaming experience. , These keyboards have become excellent gaming tools.

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ApexMiniPro Wired

ApexMiniPro Wireless







Keyboard size

61 61

Key switch

2.0 Omnipoint adjustable switch

2.0 Omnipoint adjustable switch

Keyboard material




Wired from USB-A to USB-C

Wired / 2.4GHz / Bluetooth expansion adapter





For each key

For each key


The aluminum-framed keyboard works with SteelSeries’ traditional fade-proof, programmatic, key-by-key RGB backlight design that allows you to look down and clearly see the keys during typing or in-game. Apex Mini has a slim design while maintaining a 60% form factor. It requires much less space than traditional keyboards with a numeric keypad, making it ideal if you want to maximize space while using a traditional numeric keypad (TKL) keyboard.

SteelSeries ApexProMini Wireless Keyboard

The keyboard isn’t much bigger than my Google Pixel 6 Pro phone.

Rebecca Isaacs / ZDNet

We have tested both wired and wireless options. The wired option comes with a long USB-C-USB-A cable for connecting to your desktop or laptop. Since we are using MSI GS66 Stealth, we don’t need the length of the entire cable. Using the wireless model could save me from another cord entwined with other cables. If you don’t have to worry about charging, the wired option provides a number of cords that you can easily connect to your desktop. However, if you hate cables, the wireless option is great for avoiding desk cables.

SteelSeries ApexProMini Wired Keyboard

Wired keyboards come with Plug and Play capabilities, but you’ll need to install important updates the first time you use them.

Rebecca Isaacs / ZDNet

The only design beef I have is that it’s not a split keyboard, so you can feel the ligament tension on the outside of your wrist when typing. At the same time, SteelSeries designed this keyboard for gaming performance and didn’t type in novels for long periods of time. For traditional keyboard and mouse games, users can enjoy a small design. Those who need ergonomics, or who may have musculoskeletal problems like me, should probably consider another, more ergonomic SteelSeries keyboard. Split gaming keyboard..

Below the frame itself, the SteelSeries contained a keycap puller. The wireless version separates the dongle and keycap puller, so it’s included in the package rather than under the keyboard. If you need to clean up your keys or replace your favorite set of keys, we’ve found that including this tool makes it easy to complete these tasks.

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When I first started using Apex Mini, one factor I noticed was how smooth it was to press each key. My parents had an electric typewriter with those signature click keys when I was a kid. The input on this keyboard is reminiscent of my childhood. Clicking a key not only reminds us of the playful typewriter era, but also provides a smoother and easier typing experience.

If you want more resistance to the keys, you can adjust the operation using the SteelSeries function keys and the “I” or “O” on the keyboard. When checking the function, it takes 2 seconds to adjust the resistance function of the entire keyboard. Again, those with musculoskeletal problems will enjoy being programmed for a lighter .2 mm working response. Those who want resistance will enjoy the easy adjustment.

SteelSeries ApexProMini Wired Keyboard

The RBG key for each key can be adjusted with the push of a button.

Rebecca Isaacs / ZDNet

While writing, I shift a lot on the keyboard and use the controls and arrow keys to fly around and edit as needed.The miniaturized Apex Mini Pro has changed the arrow keys so that you need to use the SteelSeries key. When Control buttons for using the arrow keys. It is hidden under the “WASD” key inconspicuously.

Shifting these keys to this location makes sense when downsizing, but as a regular typist, this shift bothered me and hindered typing. However, the entire review was created using this keyboard with this minor obstacle. Once you get used to this change, it will be less noticeable.

We’ve tested Apex Mini’s wired and wireless keyboards in two different games: Death Stranding and It Takes Two. 2.0 When you press the omnipoint switch, the key switch responds instantly. You didn’t have to worry about game delays or buffering when Sam scaled the cliffs, or when May worked with Cody to defeat the toolbox. I felt that this actual response time was in line with the 0.54ms response time SteelSeries promised for this keyboard. When I tested the wireless option for these same games, I was worried that there might be cutouts and delays as I connect over a 2.4GHz network using Bluetooth 5.0 or a dongle. I didn’t have to worry-the wireless option ran as quickly and perfectly as my wired siblings.

The keyboard also comes with dual-action programming, so you can reprogram the keys so that Sam walks when you press the “W” key halfway, or you can do it when you press it all the way down in Death Stranding. SteelSeries offers these options through its signature SteelSeries GGEngine software. If you haven’t used this software yet, you’ll need to download it from the SteelSeries site.

SteelSeries ApexProMini Wired Keyboard

Push the keycapper under the wired version to add your own key. The keycapper is not stored under the keyboard in the wireless version.

Rebecca Isaacs / ZDNet

In addition, the keyboard can be programmed with up to five different settings for customization, allowing you to program one of the League of Legends keyboard features while preserving Assassin’s Creed Valhara’s preferences. To replace them, you need to press the SteelSeries function key and “Z”. I’ve tried this feature and found it to work mostly between dedicated keyboard game settings, or even between other families who may share the same computer. As with dual-action programming, you need to adjust these settings in GG engine programming. This software allows you to change the configuration, activation / dual activation, and even metabinding.

Battery life

Having good battery life is essential when you’re in the middle of a heavy game. The wireless version of this keyboard promises up to 40 hours of battery life. To check battery life, you need to download the SteelSeries GG software from your company’s website. This software allows you to check the battery level on the main dashboard. I replaced the MSI with a work laptop during the test, but I couldn’t access the SteelSeries GG on my work laptop, so I didn’t know the battery life after several hours of use.

SteelSeries ApexProMini Wireless Keyboard

Control the connection via a Bluetooth 5.0 or 2.4GHz switch.

Rebecca Isaacs / ZDNet

The keyboard goes to sleep mode, extending battery life when not in use. This helped extend battery life. SteelSeries states that the wireless option lasts up to 40 hours on a single charge. After a single game session with a keyboard for 2 hours, the wireless battery life dropped from 60% to 55%, which I was impressed with.

However, charging the keyboard takes much longer than expected. Initially, I connected the keyboard to my laptop via a USB-C-USB-A cable. According to SteelSeries software, 10 minutes of charging had up to 70% battery life. When I removed the keyboard from the charging cable, it was still registered at 60%. This indicates that when charging, if the battery life is insufficient, the percentage does not accurately reflect the remaining life. Leaving the plug plugged in took just over an hour to charge. For extended use, you can also turn it off using the switch on the back of the keyboard. This is a great feature for cat owners who like to walk across the keyboard.


For $ 179.99SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini wiring is a bit steep, but especially Apex Pro It retails for $ 199.99 and comes with a removable magnetic wrist rest. If you want the wireless option, It costs $ 239. I wanted to see a magnetic wrist rest added to this package for gamer comfort, but I didn’t add the SteelSeries. Hopefully you’ll see what was designed for the Mini release right here.


SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini’s wired and wireless gaming keyboards are the perfect tool if you need a dedicated small gaming keyboard. If you’re a gamer who needs keyswitch customization, or you don’t know what kind of keyswitch you need, you can use this keyboard to adjust and determine the resistance level of your switch. It’s also suitable for people who need space savings, such as apartments, or who don’t want to put a big clunky keyboard on their desk. Users who need a wireless keyboard can enjoy the wireless Apex Pro Mini wireless version, but those who don’t care about battery level are better off with the wired option. If this keyboard isn’t optimal for you, check out the alternatives we’ll consider below.

Alternatives to consider

If you don’t feel the Apex Mini is small, choose the larger sibling Apex Pro, which comes with the same ubiquitous switches as a traditional-sized keyboard. You can also get a dedicated OLED smart display that allows you to adjust your profile during the game to get real-time information. If you need a more ergonomic setup, this keyboard provides a removable magnetic wrist rest.

Ergonomics and mechanical keyboards officially combine their power with this split TKL mechanical keyboard. You can center the mouse for a more comfortable setup. The keyboard uses a cherry switch, and you can adjust the volume, surf page, etc. with a customizable aluminum wheel.

Another small but powerful TKL mechanical keyboard, Wireless ASUS has a handy touch panel on the side for quick access to keys and volume control. You can expect a battery life of 450 hours or more on a single charge.

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