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Starlink users can now put their terminals on the road

People who enjoy camping in a trailer or weekend trips now have another way of accessing the internet when they shop for the night – as long as they don’t mind walking around gear and paying $135 a month. a new feature allows users to use Starlink temporarily when they are away from home.

Portability in the US costs $25 per month. This is on top of the normal service charge, which has increased recently. The hardware now costs $599 for those without pre-orders.

Beyond cost, there are a few other limits to Portability. For example, it is not worth taking a terminal with you on a transatlantic trip. Starlink says the feature is only available when users are in the same continent as their registered service address. If you use Starlink in another country for more than two months, you will need to change the registered address to an address in that jurisdiction.

Starlink also doesn’t support on-the-go use yet, so you’ll need to find a fixed spot. and has a clear view of the sky. Meanwhile, it says Portability is offered on a “best effort basis.” Customers at registered service addresses will have priority access to the network. “When you move your Starlink to a new location, this prioritization may result in reduced quality of service, especially during times of high usage or network congestion,” Starlink said. .

However, the feature can give users a lot more flexibility. Starlink can provide internet access in areas not covered by base stations, making Portability particularly useful for digital nomads who want to work from just about anywhere.

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