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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

It simplifies how pages, items, and problems are categorized in Search Console reports. We hope this will help you prioritize your work by focusing on the key issues that affect your visibility in your search. This change will be rolled out to all properties in stages over the next few months and may not change at this time.

Users say they are confused by the “warning” status when applied to a URL or item. Does the warning mean whether the page or item is displayed on Google?

According to this, group the top-level items (rich results in the rich results report, pages or URLs in other reports) into two groups. Pages or items with serious problems are labeled as invalid. Pages or items that are not critically problematic are labeled as valid. I think this new grouping will allow you to quickly and easily see which issues are affecting your site’s display on Google to help you prioritize your fixes. For more information on how this change affects each report, Help Center..

Again, this is just a report change in the search console. There is no change in how Google Search crawls, indexes, or serves pages.

Item classification in the updated search console report

The changes described in this post are
URL inspection tool
When inspecting a specific URL within the search console.

However, the URL inspection API only updates when the rollout is complete within a few months. In other words, if the property shows the updated item classification in the search console, you may see a difference when comparing the product interface and API results. Notice that there are no new values ​​in the API after the rollout is complete. I’ll update this blog post when the API is updated.

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