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SEJ’s Ben Steele on SEO Today [Podcast]

Want to increase your ROI and improve your SEO strategy?

How will SEO evolve in the next year? What are your biggest threats and challenges?

SEJ’s Ben Steele joined the SEJ Show to discuss findings from SEJ’s Second Annual State of SEO Study. The research includes emerging trends in the world of SEO to help businesses plan for his 2023 and beyond.

SEO will exist as long as people need to find something. That explains why the industry has grown to such an extent despite the turmoil and economic troubles of the last few years on the horizon. – Ben Steele, 12:34

Forms of organic and performance marketing, such as SEO and affiliate marketing, are emerging in terms of staffing and investment. – Lauren Baker, 14:31

If you focus too much on that automation element, you may be missing out on its real value. This allows you to let go of some of the less important things and focus on creating content that resonates with you.audience – Ben Steele, 31:11

[00:00] – About Ben.
[06:49] – What is the Second Year State of SEO?
[09:59] – The number of respondents who participated in the survey.
[10:25] – Prominent preliminary findings.
[16:09] – Regions with the highest SEO salaries.
[18:20] – Where SEO professionals got a lot of attention this year.
[22:31] – SEO metrics to track success.
[32:40] – Key imperatives in SEO for the next two years.
[41:33] – The difficulty of planning an e-book.
[43:34] – Differences between ebooks and white papers.

Resources mentioned:

State of SEO –

E-books are interesting animals because of their unique challenges and advantages. The most important inherent problem is that it requires a lot of buy-in. That means you need someone who will go through the process of finding it and deciding to download it, not just the time to sit and read it. – Ben Steele, 37:55

People are getting back to basics, fueled by Google’s updates over the past few years. – Ben Steele, 19:40

Yes, rankings are great, but having ROI of people buying and clicking is much better. – Lauren Baker, 28:16

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Connect with Ben Steele:

Ben Steele, senior editor at SEJ, is a digital content expert. He had no intention of being his SEO strategist. Yet, after learning the skills necessary for his job and combining it with his digital self-directed research into marketing, he realized his true passion was there.

His professional theater background has also helped him develop his work ethic and leadership skills, among other soft elements such as creativity.

Ben is currently working on SEJ’s ebook and is constantly providing fresh insights and recommendations on content strategy. Through his SEO work, he connects human experiences, journeys or expressions into something others can learn from.

Connect with Ben on LinkedIn:
Follow him on Twitter.

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