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Tuesday, May 10, 2022


We held the first SearchCentral Virtual Unconference Japan on April 5, 2022 to promote a discussion and networking platform for the SEO, search and publisher communities in Japanese. This is part of the global Search CentralVirtualUnconference event series.

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The event was lively, with more than 100 participants from different backgrounds and professions managing websites of different types and sizes. We are pleased to have exchanged many ideas, shared experiences and provided feedback.

There were 9 discussion sessions organized by about 15 facilitators! And here are some of the lessons learned from these sessions (listed in order of event schedule):

  • Traffic drop case study: It’s great to see participants sharing insights into their traffic variability experiences. Many factors can cause this, and participants shared tips for managing it. Notable themes focus on creating an environment for open and continuous communication between internal stakeholders, focusing on the main objectives of the business as well as users and SEO, and gaining a deeper understanding of the technical details. It revolves around balancing things with analyzing things from a larger or other perspective.
  • Page Experience and Core WebVitals Feedback: We received a lot of feedback and product requests, such as the PageSpeed ​​Insights API and search console URL grouping. I gave them to the relevant team. We also heard a lot of interesting insights, such as the difficulty of image optimization and other tools people use to measure the page experience on the search console.
  • Web Spam and Search Quality Feedback: Passed local query feedback to the search quality team. Above all, I learned that hack pages are still a prominent problem that participants encounter. You also have the opportunity to adjust your expectations about what is considered web spam.
  • AdSense policy feedback: We gathered feedback and insights about the AdSense policy team, including better awareness about Confirmed click When Invalid traffic..
  • Search experience optimization: The term “optimizing the search experience” can have different meanings for different people. Analyzing user intent, focusing on users that match the business objectives, using data to back up analysis and optimization, designing customer journeys from start to finish, businesses with different lead times Many tips and tricks were shared, including optimization of. more.
  • Search console feedback: The search console team has collected a lot of great feedback and product requests, especially regarding search performance reports, APIs, index coverage reports, crawl statistics, and page experience reports.
  • SEO Session Women: Many participants shared their opinions and experiences and heard that it is still difficult to combine working at SEO with having a family as a woman in Japan.
  • Crawling and indexing optimization for large sites: Large sites face a variety of challenges, including handling many URL parameters, monitoring crawl budgets, and managing user-generated content. At the same time, it’s great to see so many ideas and tactics shared to solve and avoid these challenges.
  • Content Marketing and SEO: In this session, we not only explained how to create content, but also how to deliver or present content such as snippets and Discover. The discussion went beyond text-based content to images and videos. It also covers discussions on metrics and goal setting.

This event is the first Search Central Virtual Unconference in a non-English region. We were really happy to see how rich the discussion was and how open and enthusiastic everyone was. From the post-event survey, participants seemed to enjoy the event and find it useful.appreciate All facilitators And the participants to make this event a vibrant and successful event. In the future, we would like to offer such events online or offline to Japan and other languages.

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