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Rockstar will slow down ‘Read Dead Online’ updates to focus on new GTA

Rockstar Games confirmed this GTA VIif that’s the name of the next entry in the series, it was in the works when it announced its release date earlier this year. GTA V and GTA Online For PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Now, in an article detailing A big update is coming GTA Online the developer said it’s “constantly moving more development resources” towards the next one. Grand Theft Auto title in the last few years. The company did this because it understands the “need to exceed gamers’ expectations,” but had to make changes in how it supports it. Red Dead Online as a result.

biggest change for Red Dead The players are that the developer will no longer release major themed updates like in previous years. Aspect GameRent He explains that this means there are no longer new Expert Roles, missions, and game modes. The company will continue to improve existing mods and add new Telegram Quests this year, which are solo activities that players can do to earn rewards. But going forward, Rockstar will focus on showcasing previously added Roles and missions. of Red Dead Online monthly events.

Red Dead Online there were players complained lack of major updates in the past and Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise over other games. GTA very big money maker For the developer though, it’s really no surprise that Rockstar chose all their efforts to make sure fans will love it. GTA VI.

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