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Rivian launches top three ‘Adventure Network’ fast charging sites

When Rivian drivers finally hit the road, they’ll have their own charging network, including a brand new one from the EV truck manufacturer itself. Rivian announced on Monday He said the top three sites of the burgeoning “Adventure Network” of Level 3 fast DC chargers have come online and will be accessible to almost any other EV on the road, regardless of who does it.

The first station opened in Salida, Colorado, with four chargers capable of delivering 200 kW of power in addition to the current set of Level 2 chargers – that’s roughly 140 miles of range in 20 minutes for an R1T. Rivian will officially open other stations in Inyokern and Bishop, California later in the week.

Unless you frequent Yosemite National Park, Sequoia National Forest, Mammoth Lakes, or Death Valley National Park, you’ve probably never heard of any of these towns. Similar to Jeep’s efforts to install charging stations on trails, Rivian’s Adventure Network aims to add fast charging capabilities both along popular cross-country routes and near national parks and other remote locations.



“We designed Rivian charging to support electric adventure, and these early sites show how we enable drivers to responsibly reach some of the country’s most breathtaking natural areas,” Trent Warnke, Rivian’s Senior Director of Energy and Charging Solutions, said in a statement. . “In addition to scenic or unorthodox destinations, our fast charging app is designed to ensure that passengers have places to charge along the main coast-to-coast transport corridors.” To that end, the company hopes to install around 3,500 chargers at 600 sites across the country.

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