Pinterest wants to be your shopping destination.Here’s how to do that


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Pinterest is officially rolling out a new tool group on Thursday to enhance the shopping experience on your site. The new tools will make your site more convenient for merchants and retailers, and thus create a better shopping experience for your users.

“Our shopping vision is to allow Pinterest to buy whatever is inspired on the platform,” said Jeremy King, Pinterest SVP of Engineering, in a statement.

Pinterest has been an image-sharing and social media site since 2009, but recently there has been a growing focus on commerce. Over the last few years, trends and technologies have dramatically changed the way people buy online. Pinterest should be able to take advantage of these changes. For example, shopping is becoming more sociable, among other trends.

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Pinterest is already making progress in this area. In 2021, the number of “Pinners” involved in the shopping side of the site exceeded 215%. Meanwhile, according to the company, 89% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest to get inspiration on their way to purchase.

Over the past few weeks, Pinterest has made some big moves in this area.Company only Get THE YES, You can buy personalized feeds on the AI-powered fashion shopping platform.And at the end of last month, Pinterest announced Bill Ready, an online commerce expert. New CEO..

The new tools, announced Thursday, will create a more sophisticated experience for merchants.

First, the new API for shopping provides merchants with new catalog management capabilities and access to product metadata. This information can be used by merchants to provide shoppers with more accurate information about item prices and availability. The company states that the API for shopping has reached 97% accuracy in price and inventory status data.

Pinterest also offers a new product tagging feature for Pins. The site already offers standalone “product” pins that customers can use for shopping. Currently, pin product tagging allows merchants to add products to scene images from the catalog and purchase “lifestyle pins”. In initial testing, Pinners showed that product pins tagged with scene / brand images were 70% more motivated to shop than standalone product pins.

The merchant will then be able to add the video to the product catalog. For example, you can use this feature to view your product in Pinners from multiple angles.

Finally, Pinterest allows merchants to add to their business profile[ショップ]We are improving the tabs. With updated features[ショップ]It’s easier to manage product groups directly in tabs. Sellers can also customize the product group cover image and description. There is also an enhanced mobile interface for a better user experience.

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 Pinterest wants to be your shopping destination.Here's how to do that