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Peacock’s latest update includes a ‘Key Plays’ feature for Premier League games

Alongside the news that Peacock will launch in 2024, NBCUniversal announced a new update for the platform. The next time you open the app on your TV, you’ll notice that the company has moved the navigation bar to the left side of the interface.

Peacock UI update


NBCUniversal says the tweak will help users more quickly and easily access all the content you can find on Peacock. At the same time, the company revamped its browser interface so that every catalog entry includes a summary and trailer. You can also start watching something without leaving the page.

But the most significant change is the addition of a feature called Key Plays, tied to Peacock’s offer of Premier League games. When you start watching a game late, the platform will show key moments so you can quickly follow what’s happening on the pitch before you even enter the game. All in all, this isn’t the most exciting update, but if you find yourself using Peacock often, I’ll equally appreciate the Improvements.

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