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Niantic is making augmented reality basketball game with the NBA

Pokémon Go developer Niantic create NBA and player association: a new augmented reality mobile game with bigger name partners. NBA Whole World He’ll task you with exploring your neighborhood in search of some of the league’s stars like Chris Paul, Steph Curry and James Harden. You can challenge virtual players in mini-games such as three-point competitions and compete before recruiting them into your team.

NBA Whole World Players will be able to adorn their NBA stars with special outfits. Polygon He also states that you can improve your squad with items you find in the wild in places like sporting goods stores and markets. You will also have the chance to fight with others in one-on-one matches with swipe-based commands. These matches will be available in a variety of locations, including real-life basketball courts.

Follow Pokémon Go and pikmin flowerThere are a few other games Niantic is working on. Transformers: Heavy Metal in beta, but this only available in a few countries for now. Same goes for – peridotA modern AR takes on the Tamagotchi.

It is not yet clear when exactly Niantic will be released. NBA Whole World, but the game will soon enter a soft launch period. You can do become a member For updates if you are interested.

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