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NASA aims to launch late August to early September for Artemis 1 lunar mission

NASA has set an aggressive launch target to follow the SLS rocket that will carry the flight into space. in an interview with Jim Free, the agency’s assistant director of the Reconnaissance Systems Development program, said this week that NASA is working on a launch window for Aretmis 1 from August 23 to September 6. “That’s our goal,” Free said. “It would be foolish not to aim for that right now. We made incredible progress last week.”

For those who follow, NASA recently The earliest time the SLS was able to get Artemis 1 in space after a successful refueling test was between July 26 and August 10. Instead, NASA chose the second earliest launch window it opened to itself.

Before the flight begins, technicians must complete the final preparations on the SLS rocket, including replacing a gasket that caused a hydrogen leak during its test on June 20. NASA has begun returning the SLS to Kennedy Space Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building, where personnel will work on the launch vehicle. . “I don’t think we’re pushing ourselves to get there. We’re probably pushing ourselves a little bit, but we’re not going to do anything stupid,” Free said.

When Artemis 1 finally departs, it will take a journey around an unmanned Moon to study how flight can affect the human body. Artemis II will then take four astronauts to the satellite before a planned moon landing in the second half of the decade.

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