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Meta reportedly blocks employees from discussing abortion on internal channels

Meta told his staff not to discuss the Supreme Court’s final decision. by . Pointing to a note dated May 12 that he shared after Friday’s draft resolution , deleted the messages that touched on the subject in the internal communication tools of the company. In the document, the social media giant said it would not “allow open discussion” about abortion in the workplace because of “the increased risk of creating a hostile work environment”.

An employee took to LinkedIn to express their frustration with the situation. “On our internal Workplace platform, moderators quickly remove posts or comments that mention abortion,” she said. . “Limited discussions may only be in groups of up to 20 employees watching a particular playbook, but not outside.” Meta did not immediately respond to Engadget’s request for comment.

On Friday, Meta also told employees it would reimburse travel expenses “to the fullest extent permitted by law” for employees needing access to out-of-state health and reproductive services. That’s a policy that many tech companies, including Google, implemented before Friday’s decision. After the Supreme Court’s decision Dobbs – Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

Friday’s action wasn’t the first time Meta has taken action to stop its employees from discussing a controversial issue at work. The company updated its Respectful Communications Policy following the murder of George Floyd in 2020. At the time, the company told its employees that they could no longer discuss political and social issues on their company-wide Workplace channels.

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