Marvel’s She-Hulk release date may have been leaked by Disney

The release date of Marvel Studios She-Hulk was leaked online by Disney itself.

As first discovered Murphy’s Multiverse Saturday, May 14 Disney UK Website It seemed to confirm that the MCU TV show arrived on August 17th. Expected launch dates are listed in the Marvel on Disney Plus section of the web page, and She-Hulk appears to land this summer (or winter if it’s winter). You who live in the Southern Hemisphere).

References to She-Hulk have been removed from the website since the release date was leaked. However, TechRadar was able to confirm that the scheduled start date of the show and the summary of the TV show were listed on Saturday evening. Check out the screenshot below to see this fact.

Screenshots showing the leaked release date of the Marvel Studios She-Hulk TV show

She-Hulk’s Disney Plus release date was leaked by Disney’s UK division. (Image credit: Disney UK)

She-Hulk is one of four Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) shows scheduled to be launched in 2022 at Disney Plus, with Moon Knight taking the lead following its arrival on March 30th. Ms. Marvel will be the next television series to debut on Disney’s streaming service on June 8th. Meanwhile, Secret Invasion and She-Hulk have not yet received an official release date. Department.

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