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LG enters the EV charging business

LG is jumping into the EV charging business by acquiring a South Korean developer of EV battery chargers called AppleMango. announced. The move will allow it to create “full-featured” charging stations with a user-friendly interface and real-time control and management. In particular, it will be able to benefit from “robust, dust and waterproof” outdoor digital imaging technology.

LG has a long history in electric mobility, developing batteries, displays and sensors for electric cars. Lately combined forces With Magna International to develop e-motors, inverters and on-board chargers for automakers. The acquisition will expand that and allow it to combine new charger features with existing in-house EV charge management systems. It will also allow LG to “create synergies” with its existing EV battery business and products such as energy storage and energy management systems.

AppleMango was founded three years ago in 2019 and has developed proprietary technology such as a slim and fast EV charger. LG will also work with partners GS Energy, which operates EV charging stations, and IT provider GS Neotek, to develop the necessary infrastructure. LG acquired 60 percent stake in AppleMango, 34 percent in GS Energy and 6 percent in GS Neotek. TechCrunch.

LG plans to set up an EV charger production line at LG Digital Park in South Korea by the end of 2022. The aim is to provide custom EV charging solutions to a variety of customers, including private residences, shopping malls, hotels and public buildings.

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