Is it the ‘Andor’ finale on Disney Plus?

The latest Star Wars show to arrive disney plus is absolute banger. AndorA prequel set in the five years leading up to 2016. rogue oneis a must-see TV.

12 episodes is now available.

Diego Luna Returns as Cassian Andor, who plays a key role as a spy in the early days of the Rebel Alliance against the totalitarian Galactic Empire.You can also stream Moody soundtrack by composer Nicolas Britell First 8 episodes.

Andor episode release date and time

Here’s Andor’s full schedule on Disney Plus: Confirmed From the official Star Wars Twitter account. New episodes typically air at midnight PT (3am ET / 8am GMT / 5pm AEST).

Do you have a trailer?

lucasfilm gave me Several trailer Ahead of the show’s release, up to date come to the parent company Disney’s D23 Expo Early September.You can check out 9 minute preview (Mostly episode 3 scenes) on Disney Plus.

Will Andor get a second season?

I’m sure it will.creator Tony Gilroy Confirmed in May Star Wars Celebration Anaheim The show will return for a 12-episode second season that will lead directly to Rogue One. Star Wars Celebration Europe April next year.

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