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Hyperkin revives Xbox 360’s iconic controller for Xbox Series X/S and PC

Gaming accessory maker Hyperkin creates a licensed copy of Xbox 360’s iconic gamepad (via ). Referring to the console’s pre-release codename and the IBM-made PowerPC processor, the controller “Xenon” brings back nearly two decades of design while adding a few modern features, including a detachable USB-C cable and headphone jack. It also comes with Menu, View and Share buttons making the controller fully compatible with Xbox Series X/S. The new gamepad will also work with Windows 10 and 11 computers, although it does not include wireless support.

Hyperkin will offer the Xenon controller in white, black, pink and red color groups. No word yet on pricing or availability. This isn’t Hyperkin’s first foray into the nostalgia fodder. The company is Microsoft’s . Judging by the images Hyperkin shared, the controller may be very close to its original counterpart. For all its strengths, the Xbox 360 controller had a notorious d-pad known for its sentimentality. Here’s hoping Hyperkin gets some creative licensing.

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