How tough is the Apple Watch 7?

“So how tough it is Apple watch?? “

I was asked a lot of this.

I own Apple Watch Series 7 Since it was released in mid-October 2021. I’ve been wearing it every day since then, especially if I’m doing something greasy or dirty, or if I could break it, I’m taking it off for charging it kettlebell.

Other than that, I’ve been wearing it on my wrist for the past eight and a half months. It’s been eight and a half months, including swimming, gardening, mechanical adjustments, the use of power tools, and outdoor wildlife breeding.

So how did it handle my almost 24/7 exposure, well?

Let’s do this-it picked up some scratches.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is the first Apple Watch I decided not to put in a protective case. Before that, SpigenRugged Armor caseAnd it doesn’t have a screen protector, but the raised lips around the edges gave the screen a lot of additional protection.

Or it seems so.

My current watch looks worse than the Apple Watch I’ve been wearing for two years, even though it’s been less than a year old.

While still functional, the display has deep horizontal scratches that run across the display. I don’t know how I did it-maybe it’s a rock, maybe I got caught in something while I was down to the engine bay-but something got it.

Yeah, it's pretty scratched!

Yeah, it’s pretty scratched!

And it’s deep enough that I can feel it with my fingernails, and I can even feel it when using the display.

This is not the only scratch, it’s the worst scratch. There are countless small scratches on the entire display.

The case also has some sounds. There’s nothing big about it, but it’s far from untouched.

It’s pretty overwhelming.

That said, I’m not disappointed. Actually, I was very impressed.

This Apple Watch has been abused a lot, but it’s still fully functional. I continue to use it in the water every day and its water resistance is clearly good.

This watch is Casio G-Shock Because of the amount of abuse it can take.

My advice is to get a case for it if you’re worried about keeping your Apple Watch look like new.I recommend Spigen Rugged ArmorOr, if you need something to cover your display, Spigen Ultra Hybrid..

Both cost less than $ 20 and offer excellent protection.

If you keep your Apple Watch in a case, remove it from the case and clean it every few months. I skipped doing this once, and the button got stuck, and had to work freely by putting the watch in warm water.

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How tough is the Apple Watch 7?