How to pursue an IT career for $ 59, regardless of experience level



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If you are aiming for a high tech and higher paid career, you may feel that your lack of training is hindering you. Recruiters in this industry are looking for specialized qualifications, especially if they want to pursue the IT role. However, whether you have any technical experience or not, the complete 2022 CompTIA Certification Course Super Bundle includes useful training. Create a customized technology career path..

Beginners can start with “CompTIA IT Fundamentals + (FC0-U61)”. It covers the basics of computers that beginners need to understand. However, if you have some computer experience, you can jump into “CompTIA A + (220-1001 / 220-1002)” to study for the A + exam and get an entry level position. And after gaining some work experience, you can earn Network + certification by studying in the N10-007 and N10-008 preparation courses. Preparing and obtaining these certifications can help you recommend basic IT skills, from which you can branch into different subsections of IT.

For example, if you find the cybersecurity space attractive, CompTIA Security + (SY0-601) covers the core security features you need for your IT security position. After obtaining these certificates and some work experience, you will qualify for “CompTIA CySA + (CS0-002)” to learn best practices and how to apply security tools. Penetration testing and ethical hacking are described in CompTIA PenTest + (PT0-001) and CompTIA PenTest + (PT0-002). “CompTIA CASP + (CAS-003)” explains the concept of encryption and risk management, and “CompTIA CASP + (CAS-004)” introduces security solutions used in complex environments.

Or, if you are interested in cloud computing, CompTIA offers some certifications that may help. You can obtain Linux certification by studying with “CompTIA Linux + (XK0-004)” and acquire in-demand cloud skills with “CompTIA Cloud + (CV0-003)”. Two other courses, CompTIA Server + (SK0-004) and CompTIA Server + (SK0-005), will help you qualify for your server.

These courses are offered by iCollege, trusted by Fortune 500 companies and offering a wide range of technology classes since 2003. Therefore, not only can you take these courses remotely, but your skills are perfect for working from anywhere.

Create the exact technical career you want, regardless of your current level of experience.To buy Complete the 2022 CompTIA Certified Course Super Bundle It sells for only $ 65.

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