How to merge duplicate contacts on Android

When was the last time you scanned your contacts on your Android device? After migrating from device to device, you may have duplicate contacts. This can also be a problem if you import contacts from various sources, or if you simply add a contact without knowing that the contact already exists.

What do you do regardless of why you ended up with these duplicate contacts? Do you live with them or do you do anything about them? Leaving them as they are can reduce the experience a bit more efficiently. When you go to send / share / contact people, you will have to choose from multiple instances, and that’s not exactly the best way to work. So the best bet is to merge these duplicate entries. Here’s how to do this.


All you need for this is an Android device that contains your contacts. As long as your Android version is relatively new (for example, version 10 or later), you should be able to follow it. Demonstration on Android 12 Pixel 6 Pro..

That said, let’s merge those duplicates.

Merge duplicate contacts

1. Open a contact

The first thing to do is open the Contacts app. Swipe up to see the app drawer and find the contacts app (Figure 1).

Contact app for Android App Drawer.

The contacts app is in the Android app drawer.

Image: Jack Warren

2. Modify the contact

With contacts open, at the bottom of the app[修正して管理]Tap(Figure 2).

At the bottom of the contacts app,[修正と管理]There are tabs.

Contact app[修正と管理]Tabs can address several issues.

Image: Jack Warren

From that window[マージして修正]Tap, and on the displayed screen (Figure 3),[重複をマージ]Tap.

All options available in the Merge and Modify features of the Contacts app.

Merge & Fix offers some useful options, such as adding people who send email frequently.

Image: Jack Warren

On the next screen (Figure 4), You can choose to merge contacts one at a time or all at once.To proceed with the process, go to the bottom right[すべてマージ]Tap.

Duplicate contacts found in the Android contacts app.

To merge all duplicates at once, just tap once.

Image: Jack Warren

If you’ve never done this, merging everything is probably the best option, as there can be quite a few duplicate entries.[すべてマージ]When you tap, you will be asked to OK merge the contacts that Android turned out to be duplicates (Figure 5).

A pop-up showing the number of contacts that can be merged with the Android contacts app.

There are 86 duplicates in the contacts app.

Image: Jack Warren

[OK]Tap to merge the contacts and make the Contacts app a little cleaner and more efficient.

That’s all there is to merging duplicate contacts on Android. Doing this often to keep these contacts clean simplifies and simplifies the Android experience.

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How to merge duplicate contacts on Android