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How to avoid SEO penalties in an industry plagued by algorithms

There are some industries that are far more competitive and more prone to algorithm updates when trying to rank on Google through search engine optimization.

Industries such as casinos, insurance, loans, hosting and Forex are highly competitive and many SEO practitioners turn to black hat technology to secure their position.

Google is the most popular search engine used by consumers. Change the algorithm on a regular basis every week. As a result, companies may find that their initial SEO progress is cut off by a penalty, which can ultimately lead to significant losses in traffic and revenue.

The guides below provide some important tips when trying to rank by Google’s most penalized and volatile search results.

Please select the appropriate domain

When trying to rank highly competitive keywords, SEO experts may consider choosing a domain that is very similar to the “Big Money” keyword. There is certainly evidence that SEO improves when you have a domain that contains competitive keywords. For example, or

However, in today’s marketing environment, this isn’t that important, and Google is looking at brands as well as keywords within domain names.

However, companies with exact or partial match domains (that is, loans or insurance are included in the domain name) need to be a little careful. This is because the word “danger”, such as insurance and loans, is more likely to be mentioned in content, metadata, and links obtained.

SEO experts should be aware of keyword abuse or brand anchor text abuse. This is because Google is likely to be the first to consider penalizing your business.

Strong competitor analysis

Competitors are a good starting point for SEO professionals. The ones ranked on the first two pages of Google search results provide insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Not only can SEO emulate the kind of techniques that are appropriate for your industry, but you can also see who is most likely to be included in your search rankings and is most affected by algorithm updates and penalties.

SEOs working in these markets need to pay close attention to whether landing pages or homepages are used for ranking, as casinos and the insurance sector are known to have their own types of algorithms. I have. You also need to consider the URL structure, metatitles, and how often keywords are mentioned on the page.

Looking at the URL structure, there may be a particular layout that works best for Google.Taking the example of the loan industry below, they Instead of “loans / installation” or “/ installation / loans”.

With language in mind, SEO should also pay attention to the rhetoric and language types used in the field of view of competitors, as well as the links used.

As a result, looking at competitors is essential for ranking in a highly specialized and highly competitive industry. Companies that have established a strong position in the market may have passed motions and overcame penalties in the past to secure such a strong position.

Use of low-risk link building strategies

SEOs that help companies in industries with higher penalties need to pay more attention to the links that are built and obtained.

Getting a brand name link to your home page as a starting point will always be low risk. Extending these links to some witty blogs and guides will help you build your business as an authority while looking organic.

Links to homepages and guides are much more difficult to penalize than if the links were embedded within a “money page” that was hyperlinked to words such as casinos and loans. However, the enterprise needs to make sure that the content is not thin and includes actual statistics, graphs, and images that validate the resource.

Therefore, it’s important for SEO professionals to see the percentage of links that access your organization’s home page, money pages, and guides. Here it is very helpful to see the competitors and their splits. In fact, you can see this quickly with a tool like Majestic.

Be careful with link anchor text

Ideally, SEO should be on the cautious side when choosing anchor text for a link. In general, legitimate sites do not provide “car insurance” or “best casino” hyperlinks. Instead, SEO should look for hyperlinks to phrases such as “find more information here” or “verify eligibility.”

Hyperlinks to actionable phrases, such as “Quotations from $ 300 per month,” can also be more effective. When used in combination with these techniques, they look more organic within the money page.

The use of synonyms is also useful when considering hyperlinking phrases. For example, the word “car insurance” can be easily exchanged for “car insurance”. In other words, it’s also a common technique used by SEO professionals. Try “Car Insurance” instead of “Car Insurance”.

Avoiding abbreviations is also a common technique used by SEO. ‘Instead of sayingVPN‘,’ Virtual Private Network’can be used to fix the text more naturally.

Patience is the key

Overall, the highly competitive industry mentioned in this article is of great value and has received a lot of attention from SEO practitioners. This means black hat technology that is trying to game the system and generate rapid traffic.

Careful techniques can take months to impact, but companies can rest assured that they can maintain quality rankings and traffic and avoid future penalties.

Companies that keep an eye on their competitors and avoid overusing big keywords in their content and links should work.

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