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Thursday, April 21, 2022

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In 2021, the world How to heal and how to return strongly.. We sought to keep spam and malicious content away from searches so that people could find useful information about large and small questions.

SpamBrain: The Most Effective Solution Against Spam

In part, thanks to an AI-based anti-spam system called SpamBrain, we caught 200 times more spam sites in 2021 than when we first started nearly 20 years ago.

A cartoon depiction of SpamBrain showing that Googlebot is viewing the page.

SpamBrain was launched in 2018 and has continued to improve performance. In 2021, SpamBrain identified about six times as many spam sites as in 2020. This has significantly reduced hacking spam (70%), a common type of spam in 2020, and jibrisch spam (75%) on hosting platforms. Another notable feature of SpamBrain is that it was built as a robust and evolving platform to combat all types of abuse.

As the amount of advanced spam generated daily increases, SpamBrain’s ability to identify destructive and malicious behavior from billions of web pages can keep more than 99% of searches spam-free. I did.

Protecting search quality and user safety

In 2021, we made significant strides in several areas beyond traditional web spam. In particular, we have made great strides in the fight against link spam, scams and online harassment.

Links help you detect and rank your results in a meaningful way. Much progress was made in 2021 to protect this core signal. We have launched a link spam update to identify a wide range of unnatural links and not affect search quality.

The scam is A major threat to the safety of online users.. We expanded our work in 2020 and started updating some algorithms, reducing the results of fraud by 40%. Improved coverage has helped protect people from more types of scams, beyond the customer support inquiries they have fought over the past few years.

SpamBrain to protect your safety Dealing with online harassment Also, for name queries, use abused removal methods to reduce the visibility of your site.

Reduce the impact of ranking operations

In addition to spam, we strive to reduce poor quality content and ranking operations by combating behaviors that strictly avoid violations of quality guidelines, but are still operational in nature and provide a user experience. Decrease.

For example, one aspect of this initiative was to improve the ranking of product review queries. In this case, the content often consisted of a rewritten product description rather than a genuine, hands-on review. In 2021, we made two major updates to our product review rating method, resulting in a significant reduction in low-quality reviews and facilitating reviews with better content and expertise.

We want to get out of the way of people who find the most useful content through search. If you see operational behavior in your search results, you can: Please send us your feedback The right side of the search results page.

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