Hoth Review: Spend $ 1,000 on Guest Posts


Thanks for another great detailed article.

I found almost the same thing from The Hoth and many other well-known white label link resellers.

In fact, when we analyzed links purchased from these vendors for the same domain, we were able to find links on the same reference domain from multiple vendors.

Actually many times. Although the root URL and niche / target keywords are different, links on the same reference domain were protected by multiple vendors in the same target domain.

It leads me to one of two conclusions …

# 1-These vendors are colluding with each other and reselling links from the network of websites shared between them. Not all links they sell may be, but even if there is a 25% overlap between them, these links are in a completely different category * cough * PBN * cough * than those sold. And is classified as a risk profile.

# 2 – These vendors use very similar methods and processes in implementing outreach (keywords + “guest posts”, keywords + “write for us”) and have the same linking opportunities. Find and contact the owner of the same website and keep the details saved in a file for future use.

The first conclusion is very bad, but it’s not out of the realm of possibilities, nor is it a reality. Because such deception, and even greater, has happened in the past.

… And even if my second conclusion is accurate, I still have to consider how much I will pay for these guest posts, taking into account the actual work required to create them.

Step 1-Get someone to write the content (most of the ones I reviewed weren’t very good, so hiring someone to write a 1,000-word article would cost $ 0.05 per word and over $ 50. I don’t think). Therefore, the length specificity of the content of the article you received and the article I reviewed.

Step 2 – Send an email to an already established guest posting relationship and find a relationship to post. If a placement was found using the search operator, the cost to publish the content would be $ 0, and the same amount would be executed for a paid placement that was twice the cost to create the content. Even if you don’t, it’s a good margin for link resellers. Acts as a 100% manual outreach process.

DA30 cost to link resellers = $ 50 + $ 100 = $ 150
DA30 revenue = $ 225
DA30 profit = $ 75 or $ 175 if placement is free

DA40 cost to link resellers = $ 75 (better writer) + $ 150 (higher $ to bloggers) = $ 225
DA40 revenue = $ 425
DA40 profit = $ 200 or $ 350 if placement is free

Or you can get a Link Prospector from Citation Labs, hire a writer to create content, hire a VA to manage outreach, and significantly reduce average link acquisition costs without sacrificing link quality. increase.

Does it make sense if you are the owner of a small business with a single or a few websites?

Maybe not … it depends on your ROI, but you are an affiliate marketer or e-commerce store owner with multiple properties or a few high value websites (high ticket items, high traffic potential) At one point it definitely makes sense.

More importantly, for agencies, designers and consultants looking to resell and white label these links for their clients, this is a much safer, more scalable and ROI plus option.

This is important because these vendors almost exclusively target SEO agencies, web designers, and other service providers with marketing materials and paid advertising.

… And almost all of these vendors started out as SEO agencies (one of the Hoth partners is an agency partner and another SEO company partner) and built the link partnership Lorodex before moving to link resale. More than for link building activities when you become aware of, or when you leverage other assets (content writers) and processes to achieve the same purpose, especially when acting on behalf of a client hired by your agency. You need to seriously consider maintaining a lot of control.

Otherwise, you might pour margins and ROI into the toilet and have a relationship with the client with them.


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