GTA 6: here’s everything we know so far

GTA 6 is arguably the most anticipated game that’s in development right now, unsurprising given that it’s been nearly a decade since the last entry in the series. We’ve heard rumblings of a GTA 6 for years, and many had assumed that it was a guaranteed bet, with the series being as giant as it is these days. These hopes were confirmed earlier this year, with Rockstar finally revealing that it is indeed in development.

Shortly after the announcement however, Rockstar suffered a huge leak related to GTA 6. This included pre-alpha development footage, with a possible glimpse at where the game is set. Despite the huge amount of information on GTA 6 found in the leaks, what the game actually ends up being remains to be seen. There’s still a fair bit of mystery here, including a possible 2024 release date, and the question of who the protagonist (or protagonists) will be.

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Watch the video here: GTA 6: here’s everything we know so far

GTA 6: here's everything we know so far