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Google’s extensive results guidelines ban weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco and e-cigarette products, and gambling-related products.

Google has updated the Rich Results Content Guidelines to make them more consistent with the Google Merchant Guidelines in general, for products that are widely banned or regulated, or that may cause serious harm to you or others. Rich results are prohibited.

These include, but are not limited to, weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco and electronic tobacco products, and gambling-related products.

New abundant result guidelines. Google updated Rich results product content guidelines To add this section:

Do not mark up content that promotes widely prohibited or regulated products, services, or information. These contents may contribute to serious and / or immediate or long-term harm to yourself or others. This includes content related to firearms and weapons, entertainment drugs, tobacco and electronic tobacco products, and gambling-related products.

application. According to Google, this policy applies to a wealth of result markup in all formats, including star ratings, pricing, and inventory information. This can affect products with rich results of structured data markup that are widely banned or regulated, or that can contribute to serious harm to oneself or others. .. “This could include fireworks, recreational drugs, and other products that could pose a serious threat to physical harm,” a Google spokeswoman told Search Engine Land. ..

Effective immediately. Google said the policy would take effect today when the story was published.

Why do you care? If you sell any of these types of products, we recommend that you remove the structured data markup from these pages. If you don’t remove the markup either way, Google won’t show you the rich results for these product categories.

When I asked Google if I would like to receive any manual action within the Google Search Console, I said that Google would not issue any manual action. Instead, Google just removes the rich results of these types of search results. Therefore, no manual action is taken, but technically, removing these rich results is a penalty for violating the rich results content guidelines.

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